Art Déco

Art Deco desk

Nr.: 2501 | 5.850,– Euro

Museum-Quality Art Deco Secretary from Dominique

Nr.: 2577 | 9.800,– Euro

Round Art Deco Side Table

Nr.: 2579 | 4.200,– Euro

Art Deco Floor-standing Mirror

Nr.: 2581 | 4.800,–Euro

Decorative Art Deco Mirror

Nr.: 2582 | 3.600,–Euro

Poster “Champagne Lady”

Nr.: 2578 | 4.200,–Euro

Art Deco Wine Cooler in Goblet Form

Nr.: 2574 | 900,–Euro

Art Deco wine cooler from Christofle

Nr.: 2575 |950,–Euro

Art Déco Champagne Cooler

Nr.: 2576 | 820,–Euro

Art Deco ceiling lamp by Petitot

Nr.: 2571 | 8.800,–Euro

Decorative black and silver Art Deco mirror

Nr.: 2563 | 2.600,–Euro

Large Art Deco mirror

Nr.: 2562 | 3.300,–Euro

Signed color lithograph by Bernard Buffet

Nr.: 2570 | 3.800,–Euro

Art Deco bar cabinet with revolving doors

Nr.: 2568 | 5.500,–Euro

Two Panthers signed:”R.Rochard”

Nr.: 2491 | 5.300,–Euro

Art Deco bar cart

Nr.: 2560 | 3.300,–€

Art Deco bar cart in black

Nr.: 2561 | 3.300,–€

Rare Art Deco cabinet

Nr.: 2548 | 10.800,– Euro

Black Art Deco table lamp

Nr.: 2532 | 2.200– Euro

Art Deco table lamp by „Degué“

Nr.: 2533 | 2.800– Euro

Art Déco Seal table lamp by „Carvin“

Nr.: 2523 | 2.200– Euro

Art Deco fan chairs

Nr.: 2527 | 7.800,– Euro

Table lamp with two glass shades

Nr.: 2528 | 2.800,– Euro

Decorative Art Deco mirror

Nr.: 2531 | 3.800,– Euro

Pair of Art Deco wall lamps

Nr.: 2524 | 3.800,– Euro

Seal Table Lamp Art Deco

Nr.: 2529 | 2.900,– Euro

Art Déco gaming table 1930, sold

Nr.: 2526

Coffee table Art Deco Belgium

Nr.: 2536 | 5.800,– Euro

Art Deco pair of pedestals

Nr.: 2514 | 2.400,–Euro pro Säule

Black laquered Art Deco extending table

Nr.: 501 | 12.000,– Euro

Round Art Deco mirror

Nr.: 1757 | 1.500,– Euro

Round Art Deco mirror

Nr.: 1609 | 1.200,– Euro

Art Deco paintings

Nr.: 2512 | 4.800,–Euro pro Gemälde

René Pottier ceiling lamp

Nr.: 2488 | 6.800– Euro

Pair of large Art Deco armchairs

Nr.: 2510 | 8.800,–Euro

Narrow wardrobe Art Deco

Nr.: 2515 | 3.900,–Euro

Art Deco chest of drawers with marble top

Nr.: 2509 | 7.500,–Euro

Set of three Art Deco tables

Nr.: 2507 | 3.950,–Euro

Pair of Art Deco Bergères

Nr.: 2506 | 8.800,–Euro

Art Deco desk

Nr.: 2345 | 8.450,–Euro

Art Deco showcase 1930

Nr.: 2495 | 5.500,– Euro

Art Deco coffee table

Nr.: 2504 | 7.500,– Euro

Ceiling lamp Degué

Nr.: 2361 | 4.800,– Euro

Art Déco ceiling lamp

Nr.: 2251 | 2.600,– Euro

Art Déco ceiling lamp Petitot

Nr.: 2375 | 5.800,– Euro

Art Déco ceiling lamp Waterfall

Nr.: 2373 | 5.800,– Euro

Pair of Art Deco table lamps ,signed

Nr.: 2444 | 4.600,– Euro

Cylindrical Art Deco table lamp

Nr.: 1785 | 1.300,– Euro

Art Deco table lamp around 1930

Nr.: 2467 | 2.600,– Euro

Striding big panther

Nr.: 2232 | 3.750,– Euro

Set of 6 identical art deco chairs

Nr.: 2461 | 8.800,–Euro

Wall sconces Hans Kögl

Nr.: 2117 | 2.400,-Euro

Pair original Art Deco wall lamps by “Petitot”

Nr.: 2493 | 5.500,– Euro

Large Art Deco Panther, signed

Nr.: 2490 | 5.800,–Euro

Pair of Art Deco Armchairs, Paris circa 1925

Nr.: 2486 | 8.800,– Euro

Large extending table attributed to André Arbus

Nr.: 1662 | 4.500,– Euro

Cubist Art Déco table

Nr.: 2350 | 3.800,– Euro

Art Deco side table

Nr.: 2458 | 2.400,–Euro

Art Deco oval dining table

Nr.: 2439 | 8.000,–Euro

Vintage Model – racing car

Nr.: 2027 | 980,– Euro

Lithograph “Four Sisters” by “David Schneuer”

Nr.: 2270 | 400,– Euro

Signed lithograph by Bernard Buffet

Nr.: 2451 | 3.800,–Euro

Lithograph “Champagne Glass” Taittinger

Nr.: 2452 | 1.400,–Euro

Striding panther

Nr.: 2150 | 1.480,– Euro

Art Deco desk set

Nr.: 2026 | 870,– Euro

Art Deco set of knife benches

Nr.: 2455 | 1.450,– Euro

Angel signed “Lalique”

Nr.: 650 | 980,– Euro

Ornamental Art Deco display cabinet

Nr.: 2462 | 7.800,– Euro

Art Deco stoneware vase

Nr.: 2178 | 1.800,– Euro

Large majolica wall plate, Gustav Heinkel

Nr.: 2468 | 1.300,– Euro

Wall applique, new production

Nr.: 109 | 1.380,– Euro

Vase by Gallé, signed

Nr.: 2305 | 1.900,– Euro

Elegant Art Deco armchair

Nr.: 2408 | 2.900,– Euro

Large Art Deco ceramic planter

Nr.: 2436 | 1.800,–Euro

Art Déco chest of drawers

Nr.: 2338 | 3.600,– Euro

Art Deco Glass bowle

Nr.: 1795 | 2.600,– Euro

Pair of Art Deco swivel armchairs, new production

Nr.: 2234 | each 4.800,– Euro

6 Art Deco root wood chairs

Nr.: 1979 | 8.500,–€

Art Deco glass base table lamp

Nr.: 2255 | 1.480,– Euro

Art Deco table lamp with glass spheres

Nr.: 2257 | 1.850,– Euro

Elephant in ceramics

Nr.: 2042 | 1.380,– Euro

Art Deco console, reserved

Nr.: 1831 | 5.250,– Euro

Nest of Tables

Nr.: 2120 | 5.800,– Euro

Round side table

Nr.: 2223 | 3.300,– Euro

Art Deco side table

Nr.: 2004 | 3.600,– Euro

Art Deco coffee table

Nr.: 2233 | 3.900,– Euro

Round Art Deco dining table

Nr.: 2435 | 5.500,–Euro

Art Nouveau vase by “Daum”

Nr.: 2303 | 2.260,– Euro

White Art Deco panther, Fayence

Nr.: 2311 | 1.800,– Euro

Pair of seals as bookends, sold

Nr.: 2215 |

Art Deco knife bench from “Daum”

Nr.: 2314 | 800,–Euro

Lalique “Champs-Élysées” chandelier

Nr.: 2469 | 15.000– Euro

Pair of wall lamps “Lalique”

Nr.: 2470 | 9.000– Euro

Large perfume bottles

Nr.: 2470 | Offer Of The Month in April: per Factice 200,– Euro

Art Deco floor lamp

Nr.: 2466 | 2.800,– Euro

Large Art Deco champagne cooler

Nr.: 2454 | 1.400,–Euro

Single Art Deco pillar cabinet, reserved until 23.06.2024

Nr.: 2447 |

Large spherical vase ” Normandie”

Nr.: 2151 | 4.200,– Euro

Large Art Deco table lamp

Nr.: 2448 | 1.950,–Euro

Art Deco Knife rest sea creatures

Nr.: 2436 | 1.900,–Euro

Cubist table clock signed 1931

Nr.: 2437 | 2.900,–Euro

Signed Knife Rests “Gallia”

Nr.: 2425 | 2.600,– Euro

Sculpture “Girl with Doves”

Nr.: 2403 | 1.050,– Euro

Set of 6 identical Art Deco chairs

Nr.: 2407 | 12.000,– Euro

Wall relief “Ballets Russes”

Nr.: 2409 | 2.200,– Euro

Art Déco Sideboard

Nr.: 2384 | 6.500,– Euro

Pair of Large Elephant Bookends

Nr.: 2401 | 1.900,– Euro

Pair of Elephant Bookends

Nr.: 2402 | 1.390,– Euro

Gilded wall relief “Ballets Russes”

Nr.: 2339 | 2.800,- Euro

Semicircular bar with a marble top,sold

Nr.: 2139

Art Deco console Reproduction, sold

Nr.: 2262

Chryselephantine bronze ivory figure

Nr.: 2174 | 4.200,– Euro

Art Déco mirror

Nr.: 1241 | 2.900,– Euro

Art Déco armchair

Nr.: 2326 | 2.600,– Euro

Elegant cigarette case

Nr.: 2317

Art Déco painting „Jungle“

Nr.: 2349 | 2.800,– Euro

Bronze table lamp signed “Max le Verrier”

Nr.: 2279

Vase by “Etling”

Nr.: 1605 | 1.350,– Euro

Table lamp Midcentury

Nr.: 2320 | 1.400,– Euro

Art Déco floor lamp, new production

Nr.: 91 a | 2.650,– Euro

Vase by “Lalique”

Nr.: 2321 | 4.100,– Euro

8-piece sterling silver spice set

Nr.: 2316

Art Deco Champagne Cooler, sold

Nr.: 2310

Wig stand head

Nr.: 311 | 880,– Euro

Art Déco Bedside cabinets

Nr.: 2329 | 5.800,– Euro

Small ceiling lamp “Plafonier”

Nr.: 2267 | 1.200,– Euro

Table lamp Hettier Vincent

Nr.: 2247 | 3.300,– Euro

Art Deco ceiling lamp by Degue

Nr.: 2157 | 2.900,– Euro

Pair of wall lights tulip-shaped 

Nr.: 890 | 2.200,– Euro

Bear as a table lamp

Nr.: 1802 | 1.600,– Euro

Angelpoise Lampe von Herbert Terry & Sons

Nr.: 1639 | 980,– Euro

New production table lamp

Nr.: 98 | 900,– Euro

Round table lamp ,new

Nr.: 1465 | 2.200,– Euro

Art Deco style table lamp, new

Nr.: 1568 | 1.880,– Euro

Art Deco ceiling light ,new

Nr.: 86 | 3.300,– Euro

Art Deco ceiling light ,new

Nr.: 83-1 | 3.280,– Euro

Art deco Floor lamp, new production

Nr.: 1240 | 3.300,– Euro

Art Déco floor lamp, new production

Nr.: 530 | 3.300,– Euro

Pair of wall lights, 1950-60

Nr.: 1937 | 1.900,– Euro

Pair of wall lights

Nr.: 1467 | 1.700,– Euro

Art Deco mirror

Nr.: 2277 | 2.800,– Euro

Art Deco mirror

Nr.: 2266 | 2.900,– Euro

„ Skyscraper“ Art Deco mirror

Nr.: 1830 | 2.400,– Euro

Sun Mirror

Nr.: 1788 | 1.300,– Euro

Gazelle mirror, sold

Nr.: 2222

Pair of armchairs Art Déco

Nr.: 1504 | 3.600,– Euro

Art Déco Chairs

Nr.: 579 | each 2.200,– Euro

Black lacquered gondola chairs

Nr.: 2177 | 8.800,– Euro

Single Art Deco armchair

Nr.: 2228 | 3.800,– Euro

Pair of vases “Digitales”,signed ” Le Verre”

Nr.: 2306 | 4.640,– Euro

Vase with Graces by Etling

Nr.: 2304 | 1.900,– Euro

Peacock bowl signed by Verly’s

Nr.: 2308 | 2.140,– Euro

Verly glass bowl with dancers

Nr.: 2309 | 2.260,– Euro

Large bulbous vase

Nr.: 2256 | 2.100,– Euro

Glass bowl signed Verlys

Nr.: 2173 | 2.100,– Euro

Pair of the Art Déco vases

Nr.: 2023 | 2.200,– Euro

Art Deco vase

Nr.: 2038 | 1.300,– Euro

Vase by René Lalique

Nr.: 1928 | 1.700,– Euro

Signed peacock vase by Etling

Nr.: 2300 | 1.900,– Euro

Art Déco chest of drawers

Nr.: 1784 | 4.200,– Euro

Graphic of an elephant with cub

Nr.: 2286 | 2.600,– Euro

Wall painting

Nr.: 1885 | 4.900,– Euro

Fashion drawings, hand-colored

Nr.: 1591 | each 780,– Euro

Large-format lion painting

Nr.: 1353 | 12.000,– Euro

Art Deco coffee and tea service

Nr.: 2281

Large spherical vase signed with panthers

Nr.: 2235 | 4.050,– Euro

Pair of ceramic bookends

Nr.: 2045

Pair of entree bowls

Nr.: 1898

Rare casket

Nr.: 1296

Signed vase by Muller-Luneville

Nr.: 2307 | 3.330,– Euro

Art Deco coffee and tea set, sold

Nr.: 2280

Stepping panther on a marble base

Nr.: 1643 | 1.350,–Euro

Chryselephantine bronze ivory figure

Nr.: 2171 | 4.200,– Euro

Archer Art Deco

Nr.: 1538 | 1.600,– Euro

Bronze elephant with cub

Nr.: 1728 | 2.480,– Euro

Ball dancer signed by “Denis”

Nr.: 2246 | 2.100,– Euro

Tapestry signed Aubusson

Nr.: 2205 | 1.900,– Euro

Art Nouveau bronze signed: “Hoffmann”

Nr.: 2125 | 900,– Euro

Art Deco wardrobe

Nr.: 2335

Pair of exclusive large Art Deco armchairs,sold

Nr.: 2332

Art Deco poster ocean liner

Nr.: 2334 | 1.500,– Euro

Art Déco Tischlampe Neuanfertigung

Nr.: 93a | 880,– Euro

Art Deco Desk,sold

Nr.: 1679 |

Christofle silver candlestick, sold

Nr.: 2199

Art Déco desk chair, sold

Nr.: 2364

Art Déco chest of drawers, sold

Nr.: 2348

Large Art Déco champagne cooler,sold

Nr.: 2367

Art Déco side table, sold

Nr.: 2137

Art Déco game table, sold

Nr.: 1719

Pair of Art Déco bedside tables, sold

Nr.: 2224

Dainty Art Déco desk,sold

Nr.: 2319

Art Déco side table mahogany – sold

Nr.: 1604

Set of 4 same Art Deco chairs,sold

Nr.: 1680

Art Déco Bar Stool, sold

Nr.: 2140

Pair of very comfortable Art Deco Bergères,sold

Nr.: 2260

Pair of mid-century armchairs, sold

Nr.: 0444

Lalique vase signed: R.Lalique, 1932,

Nr.: 2313 | 6.800,– Euro

Large perfume bottles, sold

Nr.: 1763

Art Deco bar cart,sold

Nr.: 2302

Pair of Art Déco pillar cabinets,sold

Nr.: 2336

Art Déco bronze Fayral,sold

Nr.: 2366 |

Art Déco wall mirror, sold

Nr.: 2236 |

Art Deco wall lamps,sold

Nr.: 2282

Pair of Art Deco butterfly lamps,sold

Nr.: 2249 |

Art Déco side table rosewood,sold

Nr.: 675

Art Déco bar cabinet, sold

Nr.: 2005

China carpet with dragon motif,sold

Nr.: 878 |

Extendable dining table oval, sold

Nr.: 2410 |

Table lamps “Sabino”, sold.

Nr.: 2404

Art Déco ceiling lamp Degué,sold

Nr.: 2372 |

Advertising poster,sold

Nr.: 2145 |

Art Déco dressing closet sold

Nr.: 2346

Art Deco table lamp with glass rods, sold

Nr.: 2210 |

Art Déco console,sold

Nr.: 2149 |

Elegant black lacquered Art Deco sideboard,

Nr.: 2384 |

Mural “Art Deco Lady”,sold

Nr.: 2285 |


Nr.: 1801 |

Bar trolley Robert Mallet-Stevens,sold

Nr.: 2333

Art Deco cabinet, sold

Nr.: 2362 |

Original Art Déco bar kart, sold

Nr.: 2367

Art Deco dining table rosewood, sold

Nr.: 2275 |

6 Art Deco chairs, sold

Nr.: 1977 |

Art Deco Table lamp, sold

Nr.: 2492 |

Pair of round tables, sold

Nr.: 2398 |

Art Déco Wardrobe,sold

Nr.: 2335 |

Midcentury Mirrors, sold

Nr.: 2198 |

Large mirror Art Déco, sold

Nr.: 1681 |

Art Deco tulip table,sold

Nr.: 2377 |

Delicate Art Deco bar cabinet, sold

Nr.: 2432 |

Champagne cooler with stand, sold

Nr.: 1829

Table lamp “Flute Player”,sold

Nr.: 2264 |

Pair of delicate Art Deco armchairs, sold

Nr.: 2365 |

Pair of art deco armchairs black lacquer,sold

Nr.: 2457 |

Art Deco standing mirror,sold

Nr.: 1993 |

Cubist Art Deco armchair, sold

Nr.: 2086 |

Makassar console, sold

Nr.: 1774 |

Long and narrow console, sold

Nr.: 1975 |

Art Deco coffee table,sold

Nr.: 1502 |

Dining table black lacquered,sold

Nr.: 2347|

Art Deco desk attributed to ” Jules Leleu”,sold

Nr.: 2363 |

Cubist coffee table,sold

Nr.: 2428 |

Art Deco bar cart around 1930,sold

Nr.: 2464 |

Serving trolley from E.Rockhausen, sold

Nr.: 2456 |

Art Déco armchair,sold

Nr.: 1856 |

Art Deco desk by ” Maison Jansen”, sold

Nr.: 2460 |

Jean Chape signed painting “Death of a violin”,sold

Nr.: 1888 |

Pair of rare wall appliques “Muller-Frères”,sold

Nr.: 2082 |

Art Deco table black-gold, sold

Nr.: 1224 |

Art Deco floor lamp,sold

Nr.: 2283 |

Monumental Italian chandelier, sold

Nr.: 2259

Art Déco Mirror “Skyscraper”,sold

Nr.: 2179 |

Pair of Art Deco Chairs, sold

Nr.: 2036 |

Single Art Deco stool, sold

Nr.: 2227 |

Jean Luce glass bowl,sold

Nr.: 2167 |

Art Deco vase “Etling”,sold

Nr.: 1721 |

Art Deco painting “PORTRAIT”,sold

Nr.: 521 |

Goldscheider Sculpture of a dancer, sold

Nr.: 2166 |

Demétre Chiparus bronze, sold

Nr.: 1925 |

Art Déco bookends, sold

Nr.: 2003 |

Rare set of 6 Art Deco chairs

Nr.: 2433 |

Pair of Elephant – Bookends, sold

Nr.: 2400 |

Art Déco Reklame Plakat by Stephane, sold

Nr.: 2569

Art deco Showcase rare and narrow, sold

Nr.: 2495 |

Art Deco bar cabinet, sold

Nr.: 2549 |

Art Deco floor lamp, sold

Nr.: 2525 |

Black Art Deco cabinets, sold

Nr.: 2530 |

Art Deco chest of drawers Thujawood, sold

Nr.: 2534 |

Art Deco mirror with Dancers, sold

Nr.: 2449 |

Illuminable Art Déco showcase, sold

Nr.: 2088 |

Art Déco wall shelf, sold

Nr.: 1992 |

Art Deco page bench, sold

Nr.: 2516 |

Elegant Art Deco half secretary, sold

Nr.: 2438 |

Art Déco ceiling lamp Jacot, sold

Nr.: 2374 |

Large Art Deco panther, signed, sold

Nr.: 2453 | sold

Art Deco wall lamps 1930, sold

Nr.: 2494

Champagne lady Grace Kelly, sold

Nr.: 1991 |

Table lamp by “Ezan”, sold

Nr.: 1859 |

Elegant Art Deco display cabinet,sold

Nr.: 2397 |

Art Deco: Noble grace, timeless elegance – exquisite modernity for special living accents.

The art era of Art Deco experienced its heyday in the years between the two world wars, i.e. in the 1920s to 1930s. It was a reaction to the dominant Art Nouveau style of the late 19th and early 20th centuries and developed in response to the social, political and cultural changes of the period.

During the First World War, Europe was marked by destruction and loss and after the end of the war, many people longed for a return to normality and an expression of optimism and a sense of optimism. The Art Deco movement offered exactly that, creating a new aesthetic focused on innovation, progress and luxury.

The name “Art Déco” goes back to the Paris exhibition “Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes” in 1925, where the style was first introduced to a broad public. The exhibition featured a variety of design objects, including furniture, jewelry, fashion, art and architecture, that embodied the character of Art Deco.

The Art Deco style was characterized by a combination of influences including Cubist and Futurist art movements, Egyptian and Aztec motifs, machine aesthetics, and Oriental and African art. The result is a unique mix of clean lines, geometric shapes, symmetrical patterns and fine materials.

In architecture, the Art Deco style found expression in striking buildings with shimmering facades, sharp contours and ornamental decorations. Famous examples of this are the Chrysler Building in New York and the Palais de Chaillot in Paris.

The Art Deco style was also reflected in paintings, sculptures and graphics. Artists such as Tamara de Lempicka and Erté created works with elegant figures, stylized shapes and bright colors.

The period between the world wars was marked by social changes, particularly in relation to the role of women, who became increasingly independent and self-confident. The Art Deco style reflected these changes and showed this in its modern and glamorous aesthetic.

Art Deco was undoubtedly a style associated with elegance and luxury and was particularly popular in wealthy circles. In the 1920s and 1930s, France, particularly Paris, became the center of the Art Deco style, and it was primarily the wealthy elite who were attracted to the style.

However, Art Deco was not only worn by the rich and intellectuals. Although some of Art Deco’s most opulent and elaborate designs were certainly intended for a wealthier clientele, the style was also present in many other areas of life.

The Art Deco movement influenced architecture, product design, fashion, graphic design and art in general. Numerous Art Deco elements were used in a wide range of objects and products, from furniture to jewelry. The style was not only reserved for the wealthy, but was also found in lighter and more accessible forms that were affordable to a wider audience.

Furthermore, the Art Deco movement was not limited to France. It gained international recognition and influenced design and art in many parts of the world. The Art Deco style was particularly popular in the USA and other European countries such as Great Britain, Germany and Italy.

It is important to note that the Art Deco style was not exclusively associated with elite or intellectual circles. Although some of the most representative examples of the style were certainly created for a wealthy audience, there was also a wide range of Art Deco objects and designs that were accessible to different social classes.
As a modern classic at the beginning of the 20th century, the furniture and furnishings of this style, which emerged from the “Art Décoratif” art movement, still impress today with their spectacular material and form aesthetics.

The term “Art Deco” refers to a significant art style that was particularly popular in the 1920s and 1930s. This style, which influenced a wide range of art forms and design areas, has significant art historical significance in the art trade.

Art Deco emerged in a time of upheaval after the First World War and during the economic boom of the interwar period. The style is characterized by its emphasis on elegance, luxury, geometry and ornamentation. Typical features include clean lines, geometric shapes, rich decorations, exotic influences and the use of high-quality materials such as precious metals, exotic woods and gemstones.

Art Deco is immensely important in the art trade for several reasons:

Collector’s interest: Art Deco was and is very popular with collectors. Artworks and design objects in the Art Deco style, be it furniture, jewelry, paintings, sculptures or ceramics, are often valuable collector’s items. Therefore they have a high market value in the art trade.

Design History: Art Deco marked a transition from the organic forms of Art Nouveau to a modern, geometric approach to design. This style influenced many aspects of design, from architecture to fashion to household items. Therefore, Art Deco is of great importance to design history and is often presented in museums and exhibitions.

Influence on popular culture: Many elements of the Art Deco style have found their way into popular culture and continue to inspire modern designs. This contributes to the timeless relevance of the style and makes Art Deco an interesting topic in the art trade.

Exclusivity and craftsmanship: Art Deco works of art are often characterized by high craftsmanship and attention to detail. Manufacturing often required specialized skills that may be rarer today. This gives the objects a special value and makes them attractive for lovers of handicrafts.

Auctions and collector markets: High-quality Art Deco pieces often fetch high prices at auctions. Art Deco collectors’ markets exist all over the world, and auction houses such as Christie’s and Sotheby’s regularly sell important Art Deco works of art.

In summary, the art historical significance of the term “Art Deco” in the art trade is that it represents an important and influential style that is of great relevance both culturally and economically. The fascination with Art Deco continues to this day and its presence in the art trade reflects the continued appreciation for the style.

Art Deco was a versatile art style that influenced many different areas of design and art. Here are some examples of Art Deco artwork in the categories you mentioned:

Furniture: Art Deco furniture is often characterized by clean lines, geometric shapes and the use of high-quality materials. Typical features include inlaid wood, symmetrical designs and often chrome-decorated elements. Armchairs, tables, chests of drawers and cupboards in the Art Deco style are sought after by collectors and enthusiasts.

Mirrors: Art Deco mirrors are often large and impressively designed. They can feature clear geometric shapes, abstract patterns or stylized animal and plant motifs. The frames can be made of wood, metal or other materials and are often ornately decorated.

Paintings: In painting, the Art Deco style is often manifested through flat, simplified shapes, clean lines and vibrant colors. Both abstract and figurative paintings can be designed in the Art Deco style. Subjects can include stylized portraits, cityscapes, still lifes, and more.

Bronzes: Sculptures and works of art made of bronze in the Art Deco style are characterized by their elegant appearance and their modern interpretation of traditional motifs. They are often abstract and geometric in nature, with human figures, animals and abstract shapes often appearing.

Glass art: In the field of glass art, Art Deco can be expressed in the form of vases, bowls, lamps and other decorative objects. The shapes are often angular and geometric, with clear and colored glass elements. Renowned glass artists such as René Lalique have significantly influenced this area of Art Deco.

In all of these categories, Art Deco artworks stand out for their distinctive style and aesthetics. They embody the elegance, glamor and sense of progress of the time in which the Art Deco style flourished. Today, these works are not only art objects, but also sought-after collector’s items and valuable cultural assets.

As a modern classic at the beginning of the 20th century, the furniture and furnishings of this style, which emerged from the “Art Décoratif” art movement, still impress today with their spectacular material and form aesthetics.
The collection areas, especially when it comes to table culture, are experiencing a real boom – knife rests in various designs are still a very sought-after and popular table decoration.

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