Pair of Art Deco table lamps ,signed

Nr. 2444 | 4.600,-- Euro
Pair of Art Deco table lamps
Pair of Art Deco table lamps
Pair of Art Deco table lamp on
Pair of Art Deco table lamp near
Pair of Art Deco table lamp
Pair of Art Deco table lamp on off
Pair of Art Deco table lamp
Pair of Art Deco table lamp on
Pair of Art Deco table lamp
Pair of Art Deco table lamp
Tischlampen Frankreich
Art Déco Lampen
Art Déco Tischlampen signiert
Tischlampe mit signierten Gläsern
Geometrisches Muster im Glas
Oktogonaler vernickelter Fuß
Art Déco Gläser signiert
Tischlampe Art Déco
Glas signiert

Pair of table lamps

France circa 1930.

Bronze nickel plated on octagonal base resting three-armed chandelier with original signed glasses.

height: 37,5 cm | diameter: 12 cm base | diameter lamps: 28 cm

Price:€ 4.600,–

( incl. 19 % VAT to be shown)

Pair of Art Deco table lamps

This pair of candlesticks is a wonderful example of the love for geometric form of design such as the clean lines, rectangular and rounded shapes as well as triangles and geometric patterns in the glass design.

The heavy bronze of the chandeliers was plated with nickel which was one of the most popular metal finishes. It gives the chandeliers a modern and shiny charm, to the elegance of the chandeliers.

The refined partially cut glass ornaments pleasantly diffuse the light gently. Creating a warm and inviting atmopshere at the same time. The symmetry and balance of the chandeliers in proportion of the chandelier arms to the glasses creates a perfect overall picture.

Attention to detail again in the differently decorated glasses that adorn both geometric patterns as well as flowers and scrolls.

Etching and Engraving: A commonly used approach was etching or engraving glass to create patterns. This could be done by applying acid or abrasive substances to the glass surface to erode targeted areas to create the desired pattern. This was one way to create clean lines and deep contours.

Sandblasting: Sandblasting involved blowing fine sand material onto the glass surface with pressure to create patterns. This resulted in a matte or satin texture on the glass and allowed patterns to be created by masking certain areas.

Screen Printing: Screen printing was a technique in which inks or pastes were applied to the glass through a fine mesh screen to create patterns. This method allowed repeatable and precise patterns to be printed on glass.

This Pair of Art Deco table lamps matching perfectly to an Art Deco chest of drawers.

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