Art Nouveau vase by “Daum”

Nr. 2303 | 2.260,-- Euro

Round Art Nouveau glass vase with a kingfisher by “Daum”

France, circa 1900.
A kingfisher perched on a branch with leaves.

Colorless glass with etched and black-gray enameled decoration against a rough etched background, bulbous shape, above the base,
a black enamel signature reads “Daum Nancy France” with a Cross of Lorraine.

Price: 2.260,– €

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About “Daum”

Daum is a French glassworks founded in 1878, specializing in the production of artistic glass objects. Glassworks is located in the city of Nancy in eastern France and is renowned for its high-quality. Handcrafted products like this signed Art Nouveau vase by “Daum”.

Glassmaking Process

Productions of Daum glass begins with the selection of raw materials sourced from France and other countries. The primary material is quartz sand, which is melted in a furnace at high temperatures along with soda, lime, and other additives, resulting in molten glass. This molten glass is then further processed through various techniques.

An important technique in the creation of Daum glass is the “Pâte de Verre” method. Molten glass is poured into molds made of silicone or plaster. These molds are filled with a mixture of glass particles and pigments, which form a solid, colored layer once cooled. This layer is then covered with another layer of clear glass to create the final object.

Another technique employed by Daum is the “Soufflage” method, where molten glass is blown into molds using a long pipe. This technique allows for the creation of complex shapes and patterns.

After shaping, the glass is hand-cut and polished to achieve a smooth surface. It is often engraved, painted, or gilded using various techniques to create the final design.

Craftsmanship and skill

The production of Daum glass involves a great deal of craftsmanship and skill, making each piece unique. The glassworks produces a variety of products, including vases, bowls, sculptures, and lamps. They are sold in art galleries and stores around the world. This Art Nouveau vase by Daum is particularly beautiful. It bears the full signature “Daum Nancy France” on the bottom, along with the Cross of Lorraine.

History of Daum in the Art Nouveau Period

The history of the Daum glassworks and its role in the Art Nouveau movement. Closely tied to the French art and glass movement of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The Daum glassworks was founded in 1878 by Jean Daum in Nancy, France. In the years following its establishment, the glassworks became a significant center for the production of high-quality art glass.

The Art Nouveau was an art movement that developed between roughly 1890 and 1910. This movement was characterized by a love for nature, organic forms, flowing lines, and decorative details. Art Nouveau artists and craftsmen aimed to unite art and craft to create a total work of art. Expresseing in all aspects of design, from architecture to interior decoration and art objects.

The Daum glassworks played a significant role in this movement as it specialized in producing Art Nouveau glass artworks. Jean Daum and his sons, Auguste and Antonin Daum, who later took over the business, were talented glassblowers and craftsmen. They developed techniques and styles that perfectly suited the Art Nouveau period.

“Pâte de Verre” technique

A notable feature of the Daum glassworks was the use of the “Pâte de Verre” technique. A special glassmaking technique where finely ground glass is placed in molds. Heated to create a detailed and translucent glass object. This technique was typical of Daum’s work and gave their art pieces a unique quality.

Daum glassworks were presented at international exhibitions and gained recognition for their beauty and craftsmanship. They were popular among collectors and Art Nouveau enthusiasts. The Daum glassworks as this signed Art Nouveau vase by “Daum”continues to exist today. Ccarrying on the tradition of glass production.

Overall, the history of the Daum glassworks in the context of the Art Nouveau period is an outstanding. Example of the fusion of art and craft that was so characteristic of that time, and it contributed to establishing Art Nouveau as a significant art movement.

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