Black laquered Art Deco extending table

Nr. 501 | 12.000,-- Euro
Art Deco Esstisch schwarz zum ausziehen aus Frankreich - für 12 Personen. Eine verchromte originale Metallspange verziert den Moustache-Fuß der in Gondelform als Bodenplatte konzipiert ist .Einer der ersten Art Déco Esstische in puristischem Design entstanden um 1925 in Frankreich, Paris.
Art Deco Esstisch schwarz
Elegant Art Déco exptending table
Elegant Art Déco exptending table
Elegant Art Déco exptending table
Elegant Art Déco exptending table foot
Elegant Art Déco exptending table details
Elegant Art Déco exptending table drawer
Elegant Art Déco exptending table

Art Deco
extending table
France around 1930

Ebonized wood.

Extendable with shelves of 40 cm each, newly made.
Completely restored !

Height: 78 cm | Length: 170 cm / 250 cm | Depth: 99 cm

Price: 12.000,– €

 (Differential taxation according to §25a UStG)

Elegant Art Deco table

This elegant Art Deco extending table comes from France and was made around 1930. The table base is made of ebonized wood, which means it was painted black to achieve a glossy effect. The table has two 40cm long leaves to make it extendable and offer more space for guests.


Art Deco extending tables are furniture pieces with the typical design of the Art Deco era. These tables are usually made of fine materials such as ebony, mahogany, or walnut wood and often have clear, geometric shapes as well as chrome-plated decorations.

A Place for a beautiful dinner

Art Deco extending tables stand out because they offer a way to change the size of the table. In most cases, leaves are used that can be inserted into the table and thus enlarge the table top. This makes Art Deco extending tables perfect for larger gatherings or special occasions where more space is needed.

This Art Deco extending table crafted during the 1920s and 1930s, embodies the elegance and innovation of the era. It typically features high-quality materials and intricate detailing, in line with the Art Deco style.

Extending features

One of the most remarkable features of this table is its extendable design, allowing it to adapt to various dining needs. The clean lines and geometric shapes of the table’s structure make it a versatile and visually striking addition to any dining room. As a beautiful representation of the Art Deco period, this extending table combines form and function seamlessly, making it a prized piece for collectors and enthusiasts of this iconic design style.

Ebonized wood is wood that has been treated with a layer of black lacquer or stain to create a dark, glossy surface. This technique was particularly popular in the Art Deco era and was often used for furniture and other decorative objects. Ebonized wood gives the objects an elegant, timeless, and modern appearance.

This outstanding chairs would be a perfect match to this elegant table.

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