Art deco Floor lamp, new production

Nr. 1240 | 3.300,-- Euro
Art deco Floor lamp

Art deco Floor lamp,
new production

Rectangular with shell and ball made of chrome on a black lacquered wooden base with inlays.

Height: 190 cm   | Diameter: 45 x 45 cm.

5 lighting points

Price: 3.300,– €

(including 19% VAT that can be claimed back)

Art deco Floor lamp

Art Deco floor lamps are an essential part of Art Deco interior design. They are generally characterized by a mix of modern and antique design elements presented in an extravagant and decadent way. This one is a newly manufactured piece.

Typical features of Art Deco floor lamps include:

Geometric shapes: They are often designed in geometric shapes such as triangles, trapezoids, or circles. These shapes are often accentuated with materials such as chrome or polished metal.

Materials: Art Deco floor lamps were often made of materials such as brass, chrome, glass, or enamel. These materials convey a sense of luxury and opulence.

Lighting: Art Deco floor lamps often use indirect lighting to create a soft and pleasant atmosphere. This is often achieved through diffused glass or opaque lampshades.

Decorative elements: These floor lamps are often adorned with decorative elements such as carvings, engravings, or embellishments. These elements may also be in a contrasting color to the rest of the lamp to make it even more eye-catching.

Sculptural forms: Art Deco floor lamps can also have a sculptural quality, making them look like works of art and enriching the room through their shape and materials.

Overall, Art Deco floor lamps are an important part of Art Deco interior design and can be considered iconic pieces that embody the refined and luxurious aesthetic of this style.

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