Round Art Deco mirror

Nr. 1609 | 1.200,-- Euro
Round Art Deco mirror

Round Art Deco mirror

France around 1930.
Carved wood with original mirror glass.

 Height: 72 cm
Diameter: 76 cm

Price: 1.200,– €

(Including 19% VAT that is deductible)

Round Art Deco mirror

A round Art Deco mirror from France, circa 1930, may be carved from wood, with decorative details and clear, geometric shaping. The frame is adorned with geometric patterns. The mirror itself is of high quality and has an original mirror glass. Such a round mirror arrangement could be used as a wall mirror or as part of a piece of furniture such as a console or side table.

Mirrors in the Art Deco style often feature geometric shapes, clear lines, and decorative elements such as stucco ornaments, carvings, or gildings. The mirrors themselves are often large and of high quality with faceted or convex glass. Art Deco mirrors can be wall mirrors, stand mirrors, or part of furniture such as dressers or vanities. The use of high-quality materials such as wood, metal, or glass, as well as attention to detail, are characteristic of the Art Deco style.

The original mirror glass in the Art Deco style was often faceted, meaning it had beveled edges and a certain pattern that gave the mirror a special appearance. This pattern could be geometric, floral, or abstract and was often created by sandblasting, etching, or cutting the glass. In addition, the mirrors were often surrounded by a decorative frame of wood, metal, or plastic, which matched the Art Deco style in shape, color, and ornamentation. Many of these mirrors were also adorned with stucco or metal ornaments to capture the shine and glamour of Art Deco.

This mirror could be a match over this outstanding Art Deco desk.

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