Seal Table Lamp Art Deco

Nr. 2529 | 2.900,-- Euro
Seal Table Lamp
Seal Table Lamp
Seal Table Lamp
Seal Table Lamp
Seal Table Lamp
Seal Table Lamp
Seal Table Lamp
Seal Table Lamp
Seal Table Lamp

Art Deco
Table lamp

“Juggling seal on ice floe”
France around 1930.

Seal in white bronze mounted on light green-black marble top.

Height: 64cm | Width: 25 cm| Depth: 15cm


Price: € 2.900,-
(incl. 19% VAT can be shown)

Seal Table Lamp

The “Juggling Seal on Ice Floe” is a fascinating Art Deco table lamp that originated in France around 1930. It features an elegant seal made of white bronze skillfully mounted on a light green-black marble base.

This lamp exudes playful elegance as the seal balances gracefully on the stylized ice floe. The combination of shiny bronze and the contrast of marble lends the lamp a luxurious aura. Characteristic of the Art Deco style.

The design of this seal table lamp showcases masterful craftsmanship and attention to detail typical of the Art Deco era. It stands as an outstanding example of the artistic innovation of its time. A coveted collector’s item that epitomizes the timeless charm and sophistication of Art Deco.

Seal in Art Deco

The seal, a fascinating symbol of nature, found its place in Art Deco design. During the 1920s and 1930s, many artworks and designs drew inspiration from the animal kingdom, and the seal was no exception.

In the Art Deco style, the seal was often stylized and transformed into elegant. Flowing forms that accentuated its grace and lightness. Its characteristic silhouette was depicted in various ways in furniture, lamps, sculptures, and other artworks.

Sculptures and lamps portraying seals in different poses—juggling on an ice floe, elegantly swimming in water, or resting on land—were particularly popular. These representations added a playful touch to Art Deco and infused a natural beauty that characterized the style.

Luxurious Character

The use of materials such as bronze, chrome, and marble enhanced the luxurious character of these artworks, emphasizing the quality and elegance of the Art Deco style. Overall, the seal was an inspiring figure in Art Deco, enriching the aesthetic of the era in a unique way.

This lamp is a standout, along with other animal-inspired Art Deco table lamps like the “Carvin” seal lamp, making them captivating pieces that elevate any interior space.

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