Large spherical vase signed with panthers

Nr. 2235 | 4.050,-- Euro
Large spherical vase

Large decorative spherical vase

France, handmade, limited edition.

Exp.No. : 26/50 | signed  “DC”.

Faience with genuine gold leaf and platinum plating in 18Kt.

Decorated with black panthers on a white background.

Height : 38 cm

Diameter: 35 cm

Price: 4.050,– €

(Including 19% VAT that is deductible)

Large spherical vase signed with panthers

The “Large spherical vase signed with panthers” is a faience vase adorned with a panther motif and signed by the artist “DC.” Faience is a type of ceramic made from clay and has a glazed surface.

Unfortunately, the artist with the initials “DC” is not clearly identified, making it difficult to find more specific information about him or her. However, there are many ceramic artists with similar initials, including David Cluett, Dan Cox, and Don Craig, to name a few.

The Large spherical vase signed with panthers features a stylized depiction of two panther silhouettes, visible on the surface of the vase. The panthers are typically rendered in black or brown, contrasting with the lighter color of the faience. The vase has a spherical shape and a wide mouth, large enough to accommodate flowers or other decorations.

The fact that it is a limited edition means that there are only 50 copies of this vase. This makes it a rarer and more desirable piece for collectors. The use of 18-carat gold leaf and platinum as additional embellishments adds a high aesthetic value to the piece, emphasizing the craftsmanship of the artist.

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