Art Deco Floor-standing Mirror

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Art Deco Floor-standing Mirror
Standspiegel Art Déco
Standspiegel Art Déco
Standspiegel Art Déco
Standspiegel Art Déco
Standspiegel Art Déco

Art Deco
Floor-standing Mirror

with movable mirror

France, circa 1930.

Exotic woods, veneered and solid. Stepped ascending base – movable framed mirror framed with stylized lyre in precious wood.

Original faceted mirror glass.

Height: 158 cm | Width: 68 cm | Depth: 40.5 cm


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Dekorativer Art Deco Stand Spiegel

The Art Deco floor-standing mirror with a movable mirror, crafted in France around 1930, is an outstanding example of the elegant and innovative design of the Art Deco era. This floor-standing mirror combines noble materials with refined design and is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

The frame of the mirror is made of precious woods, partly veneered and partly solid. This high-quality choice of materials emphasizes the luxurious appearance of the floor-standing mirror and showcases the excellent craftsmanship of the time.

The base of the mirror is stepped and ascending, giving it a stable foundation and an impressive presence. This stepped design is characteristic of the Art Deco style and recalls the architectural elements of the era. Often characterized by clean lines and geometric forms.

The movable mirror is set in a framed wooden frame representing a stylized lyre. This stylized lyre, framed in precious wood, adds a decorative and yet classic touch. Emphasizing the elegant aesthetics of the mirror.

Original faceted mirror glass is another highlight of this floor-standing mirror. The faceting provides a special refraction of light, giving the mirror additional depth and brilliance. The movable mechanism of the mirror allows for flexible use, making it a practical and versatile piece of furniture.

This Art Deco floor-standing mirror is not only a functional object but also an artistic decoration that perfectly captures the elegance and style of the 1930s. It is a valuable collector’s item and an impressive example of the timeless beauty and exquisite design of the Art Deco era.

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