Art Deco fan chairs

Nr. 2527 | 7.800,-- Euro
4 Art Déco Fächerstühle
4 Art Déco Fächerstühle
4 Art Déco Fächerstühle
4 Art Déco Fächerstühle

Very rare Art Deco
fan chairs

France around 1930

Solid mahogany with a fan-like design which is arranged in tiered compartments. The front  legs are also triple  stepped – the back legs are flared. Newly upholstered and covered with gray velvet velor.

Height: 87.5cm | Width: 56cm Depth: 47cm Seat height: 50cm

Price: € 7,800

(incl.19% VAT can be shown)

Art Deco fan chairs

These extremely rare Art Deco fan chairs from France around 1930 are true design treasures. Crafted from solid mahogany, they feature a fan-like design that arranges itself in tiers, creating a captivating visual dynamic. The front legs are also triple-stepped, while the back legs are elegantly flared.

The recently reupholstered fan chairs were covered in gray velvet velor. They exude this timeless elegance that appeals to the eye and increases comfort. Their unique design and high-quality workmanship make them sought-after collector’s items and an asset to any Art Deco style interior.

Mahogany in Art Deco

Mahogany was a popular wood during the Art Deco period, particularly in the 1920s and 1930s. It was often used for high-end furniture pieces and decorative items that embodied the luxurious and modern style of the era.

The distinctive characteristics of mahogany, such as its warm, reddish-brown tones. The fine grain made it a preferred choice for furniture designers and artisans. Its natural beauty and durability helped make mahogany furniture pieces sought after. Luxury and the elegance of the Art Deco style.

In the Art Deco style, mahogany furniture was often combined with other materials such as chrome, nickel or lacquer. This way you could achieve a modern and high-contrast look. This combination of wood and metal gave the furniture a contemporary aesthetic. They became sought-after pieces in the households of the wealthy.

Overall, mahogany played a significant role in furniture production during the Art Deco era. It remains a symbol of luxury and sophistication in interior design to this day.

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