Art Deco Glass bowle

Nr. 1795 | 2.600,-- Euro
Art Deco Glass bowle
Art Deco Glass bowle empty
Art Deco Glass bowle top
Art Deco Glass bowle top view
Art Deco Glass bowle in action

Glass bowl – illuminable

Art deco.

Crystal glass on blackened wooden base with brass attachment.

Price: 2.600,– €

( Differential taxation according to §25a UStG)

Art Deco Glass bowle

The described Art Deco glass bowl is a typical example of Art Deco design. The bowl is made of crystal glass and has a round shape. It is presented on a blackened wooden base with a brass top. The special feature of this Art Deco glass bowl is that it is illuminable, i.e. the wooden base contains a lighting that shines the crystal glass from below, creating a beautiful and atmospheric lighting. This was a popular design element in the Art Deco era, as it conveyed a touch of glamour and opulence. Such illuminated bowls were often placed as decorative elements on sideboards, consoles, or in reception halls.

Fruit bowls were a popular decoration in Art Deco, as they represented a perfect combination of function and aesthetics. The bowls were often made of noble materials such as crystal glass or silver and decorated with elaborate geometric patterns or carvings. Fruit bowls also had an illuminated base to showcase the fruit in a special way. These bowls were not only used for serving fruit but also placed as decorative elements on tables or shelves.

A nice place to impress with this glass bowle is to combine it with this table.

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