Art Déco painting „Jungle“

Nr. 2349 | 2.800,-- Euro
Art Déco painting “Jungle”

Art Déco painting “Jungle”.

France around 1930.

Mixed media.

Herd of elephants in the jungle.

Height: 74 cm | Width: 108 cm

Price: 2.800,– €

(Including 19% VAT that is deductible)

Art Déco painting “Jungle”

Mixed media is a painting technique that involves combining various materials and media to create a variety of effects and textures. The Art Deco movement was an artistic and architectural movement that emerged in Europe and the United States in the 1920s and was known for its elegant, modern style. In painting, mixed media was often used in the Art Deco style to create vibrant colors, sharp contours, and a smooth surface.

In the mixed media Art Deco painting, different materials such as oil, acrylic, watercolor, or gouache are typically used to apply color and texture to a canvas or other medium. Collages made from different materials such as paper or fabric are often integrated into the painting to create additional texture and depth. The combination of colors and textures allows artists to create complex and layered images that are capable of expressing emotions and moods in a very subtle way.

In Art Deco painting, motifs from nature, geometric shapes and symbols, as well as depictions of cities and buildings, are often used. Through the use of mixed media, these motifs can be portrayed in a very modern and stylish way, making the Art Deco style synonymous with elegance and sophistication.

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