Pair of the Art Déco vases

Nr. 2023 | 2.200,-- Euro
Pair of vases

Pair of the Art Déco vases

France around 1930

Wonderful state of preservation.

Medallion on both sides of a kneeling female figure.

Glass with partially sandblasted milky and clear transparency.

Height: 30cm | Width: 15.5 cm Depth: 11 cm

Price: 2.200,– €

pro Vase

(Including 19% VAT that is deductible)

Pair of the Art Déco vases

Art Deco glass was produced using various techniques, including the use of reliefs. The production of Art Deco glass reliefs was a time-consuming process that required careful planning and precision.

The production of Art Deco glass reliefs is an elaborate process that requires skill and experience. Here are some steps that are typically followed in the production of Art Deco glass reliefs:

Design: First, a design for the glass relief is created. This includes consideration of the size and shape of the relief as well as the patterns and colors.

Glass selection: Next, the glasses that will be used for the relief are chosen. In Art Deco style, colored glasses are often used and arranged to create a specific pattern or design.

Cutting the glass: The glass is then cut into the required size and shape. It is important to ensure that the edges of the glass are clean and smooth to ensure a uniform appearance later on.

Assembly: The cut glasses are then assembled using a special adhesive. This adhesive ensures that the glasses stay in place and that there are no gaps between the individual glasses.

Decoration: After the relief is assembled, additional decorations can be added. Metal decorations or other decorative elements are often used to give the relief an even more appealing appearance.

Finishing: Finally, the relief is thoroughly cleaned and polished to ensure a flawless appearance. Depending on the needs, the relief can then be inserted into a frame or otherwise mounted to display it.

In summary, the production of Art Deco glass reliefs is a demanding craft that requires both artistic skill and technical expertise. With patience and dedication, however, a beautiful work of art can be created that perfectly captures the aesthetics of the Art Deco style.

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