Hollywood Regency bar cart 1970

Nr. 2554 | 2.500,-- Euro

midcentury bar cart

Attributed to Charles Hollis Jones

Acrylic with brass details, glass shelves.

Height: 61 cm| Width: 80 cm | Depth: 49.5 cm


Price: €2,500
(marginal taxation)

Hollywood Regency bar cart

The 1970s Hollywood Regency bar cart, attributed to Charles Hollis Jones, embodies the glamor and elegance of Hollywood’s golden era. This piece is a masterpiece of design and an icon of vintage furniture design.

Crafted from clear acrylic with alluring brass details, this bar cart exudes sophistication and style. The combination of acrylic and brass gives it a timeless aesthetic that looks both modern and classic. The transparent glass shelves provide enough space for bottles, glasses and barware and allow the viewer to admire the beauty of the entire design.

This bar cart embodies the glamor and luxury of the Hollywood Regency style popular in the 1970s. With its clean lines, glossy surfaces and glamorous details, it adds a touch of Hollywood glamor to any room.

Charles Hollis Jones, a renowned furniture designer, is often associated with this piece as he is known for his unique creations that embody the spirit of Hollywood. His works have continually pushed the boundaries of design and have become sought-after collector’s items for vintage design lovers.

Overall, the 1970s Hollywood Regency bar cart is a timeless and elegant piece of furniture that is not only functional but can also be considered a work of art. It is a symbol of luxury, style and the unforgettable splendor of bygone times.

This bar cart needs suitable lighting and we have this special designer Murano tulip lamp.

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