Designer Murano tulip lamp

Nr. 2552 | 3.800,-- Euro

Flower vase with tulips as a lamp

Italy around 1960

Brass leaves colored green with glass shades in the shape of tulips. Crystal glass vase on a bronze base. 4 light sources.

Height: 80cm | Diameter base: 14.5 cm | Diameter of tulips: 45 cm

No. 2552

Euro: 3,800.–

(Differential taxation according to §25a UstG)


Designer Murano tulip lamp

The designer Murano tulip lamp is a characteristic example of the craftsmanship from Italy in the 1960s. This period often referred to as “Midcentury”. This lamp combines traditional craftsmanship with a modern design approach.

The design includes brass leaves that are colored green and shaped like tulip flowers. These leaves serve as holders for the glass shades, which are also in the shape of tulips. The use of crystal glass for the vases gives the lamp a touch of elegance and transparency.

The bronze base forms the base of the lamp and ensures stability and a solid foundation. With four light sources, the lamp provides sufficient lighting and creates a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Overall, this designer Murano tulip lamp embodies the charm and sophistication of the Italian craftsmanship of this period. It is a sought-after collector’s item for lovers of vintage design.

The History of Murano Glass

Murano Glass, named after the Italian island of Murano in the Venice Lagoon, is known worldwide for its exquisite craftsmanship and long tradition of glass production. Murano has been a center for glassblowing since the 13th century and over the centuries has gained an unparalleled reputation for its artistry.

What makes Murano glass so unique is not only the quality of the material itself, but also the creative and technical mastery that has been passed down from generation to generation. Murano’s glassblowers master a variety of techniques. This includes shaping, blowing, cutting, engraving and embedding colors and materials into the glass.

Murano glass comes in a wide range of colors, shapes and styles, from delicate bowls and vases to opulent chandeliers and sculptures. Each piece is unique, handcrafted by skilled craftsmen who have mastered their craft.

The history of Murano glass is also one of innovation and discovery. Over the centuries, Murano glassblowers have developed new techniques to push the boundaries of what is possible with glass. These include techniques such as millefiori, in which tiny colored glass rods are assembled into a pattern, and the sommerso process, in which layers of different colored glass are blown on top of each other to create a fascinating play of colors.

Today, Murano glass is not only a symbol of Italian craftsmanship, but also a sought-after collector’s item and a popular souvenir for visitors to Venice. The tradition of glassblowing on Murano lives on, with modern designers and artists combining the ancient techniques with contemporary flair to create new and exciting works that continue to celebrate the magic of Murano glass.

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