Portal clock Vienna with integrated musical mechanism

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Portaluhr Wien um 1825 mit Alabastersäulen und Spielwerk
Portal clock Vienna 1825
Portaluhr Wien um 1825 mit Alabastersäulen und Spielwerk
rundes Glas vor dem Zifferblatt
Wiener Portaluhr mit guillochiertem Ziffernblatt
Geschnitze und vergoldete Vögel
Geschnitzte Perlmutt Rosetten
Alabastersäulen Portaluhr
Farbige Blumen hinter Glas
Farbige Blumen hinter Glas
Mythologische Szene Schäferszene
Schäferszene Messing
Holzgeschnitzte Kapitelle
Holzgeschnitzte Basen
Sonnenpendel Messing
Geschnitzter Löwe als Abschluss
Uhrwerk auf 2 Tonfedern
Rückansicht Portaluhr Wien
Portaluhr Rückansicht
Holzgeschnitzte Applikation stilisierte Vögel und Blattwerk der Biedermeier Portaluhr
Geschnitzte und vergoldete Vögel und Blumen
Spieluhr Walze
Walze des Spielwerks

Portal clock Vienna around 1825 with integrated musical mechanism

Signed: “A.Olbrich in Wien” and number 215719157.

Alabaster columns, blackened wood, gilded carving in the form of birds and a raised lion at the end.
Figural bronze of a shepherd leaning on his walking stick and a sheep in a flower meadow behind semicircular glass.
Mother of pearl rosettes. Gilded carved capitals and bases.
Guilloché dial with enamel wreath, Arabic numerals, sun pendulum with thread suspension, 1/4 hour beat, hour, extra beat,

(2 tones on 2 gongs), musical mechanism starts automatically on the hour.

Eight-day work.

Height: 70 cm | Width: 38 cm | Depth: 14cm

Price: € 2.750,–
-20% = 2.200,–€ 

Offer Of The Month in April:

Price: 1.500,– Euro

(Differential taxation according to §25a UstG)

Portal clock Vienna

The Portal Clock from Vienna, dating back to the refined era of 1825, is an exquisite embodiment of artistry and innovation that transcends the boundaries of time. This masterful timepiece is a true treasure, encapsulating the essence of an opulent age.

Design and Craftsmanship:
This Vienna Portal Clock is a true work of art, showcasing an extraordinary blend of materials and craftsmanship. Its alabaster columns stand proudly, their smooth, milky surface contrasting with the blackened wood, which lends an air of sophistication. Gilded carvings, meticulously shaped into the form of birds, adorn the clock, adding an enchanting touch of nature’s beauty. At the clock’s summit, a raised lion, a symbol of strength and majesty, oversees the passage of time.

Figural Bronze:
The clock’s figural bronze is a masterpiece in its own right, depicting a shepherd leaning on his walking stick amidst a flower meadow. This pastoral scene, encapsulated under the graceful curve of semicircular glass, transports the observer to a serene countryside idyll, where time flows gently.

Elegant Details:
The clock is adorned with delicate mother of pearl rosettes, offering a shimmering contrast to the surrounding opulence. Gilded carved capitals and bases further enhance the clock’s regal appeal, underscoring the attention to detail that defines this piece.

Mechanical Brilliance:
Within the clock’s enchanting exterior lies a mechanical marvel. The guilloché dial with an enamel wreath serves as the face of precision and artistry. Arabic numerals grace the dial, allowing for easy time-telling. The sun pendulum, suspended by a fine thread, adds both function and beauty to the piece. Its 1/4 hour beat and hourly chime make it a reliable timekeeper, while the extra beat infuses a touch of uniqueness and complexity.

Testament to the craftsmanship

In summary, the Vienna Portal Clock of 1825 is a testament to the craftsmanship and artistry of its time. Its combination of rich materials, intricate carvings, and the seamless integration of a musical mechanism make it a cherished relic that has journeyed through history, transcending time to captivate the imagination and admiration of those fortunate enough to encounter it. This elegant timepiece is not just a clock; it is a symphony of history, art, and innovation, a treasure that invites us to step back into a bygone era of opulence and meticulous craftsmanship.

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