Table lamp with two glass shades

Nr. 2528 | 2.800,-- Euro
Table lamp Hettier Vincent
Table lamp Hettier Vincent
Table lamp Hettier Vincent
Table lamp Hettier Vincent
Table lamp Hettier Vincent
Tischlampe Hettier Vincent

Table lamp with two glass shades

France, Art Deco around 1930

Rare Art Deco table lamp with original chrome plating and two glass shades by Hettier Vincent. Fine engravings in the shape of dancers decorate the glass shades. Standing on a stepped base plate.

     Höhe: 45 cm | Breite: 40 cm | Tiefe Sockelplatte: 16,5 cm

Nr. 2528

Preis: 2.800,- €

(incl.19% MwSt.ausweisbar)

Table lamp with two glass shades

This table lamp from the Art Deco era circa 1930 is a remarkable piece with two elegant glass shades. Made in France and signed by Hettier Vincent, it is a rare example of the exquisite craftsmanship and design of this period.

The table lamp is a timeless jewel with its original chrome plating. The fine engravings on the glass shades, which are designed in the shape of dancers, give it a graceful and artistic touch.

Standing on a stepped base, this lamp exudes sophisticated elegance and fits harmoniously into any interior. With its unique design and first-class workmanship, it is not only a functional light source, but also a decorative work of art that enhances any room.

Light and luminaires in Art Deco

Light and luminaires in the Art Deco style were characterized by a unique elegance and sophistication. Inspired by technological advances and the emerging sense of modernity. Lamps of this era reflected a combination of geometric shapes, luxurious materials and artistic details.

Clear lines, sharp angles and symmetrical designs were typical of Art Deco lights. Which embodied a modern and at the same time glamorous aesthetic. These lights were often made from high quality materials such as polished metal, chrome, glass, and in some cases exotic woods.

The use of glass in Art Deco lighting was particularly striking. It was often used for opulent lampshades decorated with decorative engravings, geometries or abstract motifs. These umbrellas created a fascinating play of light and shadow and helped create a glamorous atmosphere.

Another characteristic feature of Art Deco lights was the decorations and details. Often inspired by nature or artistic movements such as cubism. These details gave the lights a touch of eccentricity and individuality.

Overall, Art Deco style lights and fixtures reflect the luxurious and modern aesthetic of the era. A fascinating example of design and craftsmanship to this day.

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