Art Deco chest of drawers Thujawood, sold

Nr. 2534 |
Art Deco chest of drawers
Art Deco chest of drawers
Art Deco chest of drawers
Mahagoni Art Deco chest of drawers 1930
Art Deco chest of drawers
Art Deco chest of drawers
Art Deco chest of drawers
Art Deco chest of drawers
Art Deco chest of drawers
Art Deco chest of drawers
Art Deco chest of drawers

Art Deco
chest of drawers

France around 1930

Mahogany and thuja burl.
Two drawers with a central projection and inlays in a geometric pattern. Slanted sides with leg inserts. Fluted legs. Staired tapered cover plate.

Height: 86 cm | Width: 87 cm | Depth: 44cm

No. 2534

Art Deco chest of drawers Thujawood

The Art Deco Thujawood chest of drawers from France around 1930 is an impressive example of the sophisticated elegance of this style. Made from mahogany and thuja burl, it combines high-quality materials with attractive craftsmanship.

With two drawers and a central projection, the Art Deco Thujamaser chest of drawers not only offers practical storage space, but also an aesthetically appealing design. Inlays in a geometric pattern give it a touch of modernity and Art Deco character.

The slanted sides of the chest of drawers feature bone inlays that provide a subtle contrast to the warm wood. The fluted legs and the stepped, tapered top plate give the chest of drawers additional sophistication and an elegant silhouette.

Overall, this Art Deco chest of drawers embodies the stylistic splendor and craftsmanship. This era remains a timeless symbol of luxury and elegance.

Thuja burl refers to the wood of the tree of life, botanically known as thuja. Thuja is an evergreen conifer known for its aromatic leaves and dense, finely grained wood structure.

The wood of the thuja

Thuja wood is often used for decorative purposes. Because it has a beautiful grain and is easy to work with. It is known for its natural durability and resistance to moisture and rot. This makes it a sought-after material for furniture and other interior furnishings. As this Art Deco thuja burl chest of drawers.

During the Art Deco era, thuja burl was often used in high-end furniture pieces to convey luxury and elegance. The subtle grain and warm tones of thuja wood contributed to the aesthetic appeal and value of these pieces of furniture.

Central projection

A center projection on a dresser is a structural feature that is a protruding. This structure can be characterized by special design elements as a wider or higher drawer or a vertical elevation in the middle. The central projection serves to emphasize the aesthetic appearance and give it a distinctive feature that distinguishes its design. It can also be functional to provide additional storage space or a special display area within the chest of drawers. Overall, the center projection is a structural feature that makes the chest of drawers both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

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