In 1925, the Holophane glass factory from Andelys, France, specializing in the production of optical glasses as well as lenses, opened the art glassware department under the brand name Verlys. The production of early glass objects was replaced in 1933 by the production of pressed glass, with the level of perfection and the Quality in production, especially with opal glass, was comparable to pieces by Sabino or Lalique. The artist Pierre d’Avesn also worked at Verlys from 1937 to 1940. The art division, however, was discontinued in 1946 in favor of concentrating on the headlight glass department. Only the pieces made in France by the Holophane company between 1925 and 1946 are signed in relief directly on the mold “Verlys France” or “A. Verlys France” or “Verlys Made in France.

An American branch of the Holophane company, Verlys América Inc in New York, produced some pieces in special shapes between 1931 and 1951. These pieces are rarely signed on the mold, but do have a handwritten “Verlys” signature engraved. In 1966, all American Verlys molds were purchased by the “Fenton Art Company”, which continued to produce pieces never signed Verlys, but rather “Fenton ” are marked or signed. In the period between 1955 and 1957, the Heisey company produced pieces of the “Verlys América”, which were, however, unsigned and of significantly poorer quality.

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