Jaques Adnet


After studying architecture and interior decoration at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs, Jacques Adnet and his twin brother Jean began working in the “La Maîtrise” studio of the Galeries Lafayette department store in 1920, which was run by Maurice Dufrène at the time. The brothers work closely together and exhibit in the salons under the signature “JJ Adnet”; This was the case at the Art Deco exhibition in 1925, where they attracted attention with their modernity. In 1928 they separated. While Jean took over the post of artistic director of the Galeries Lafayette department store, Jacques now headed the Compagnie des Arts français, founded in 1919 by Louis Süe and André Mare. Very open to the industrial production of the time, he used metal and glass, especially smoked glass, in his furniture creations. His most important realizations include the furnishing of the Saint-Gobain pavilion at the international exhibition of 1937, the office of the French President in Rambouillet Castle and the interior of the passenger steamer Ferdinand de Lesseps in 1952.

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