Giovanni Offredi

Giovanni Offredi (born 1927, Milan – died 2007, Milan) was a well-known Italian furniture and product designer. Unlike most other Italian furniture designers of his time, Giovanni Offredi was neither an architect nor did he start designing at the beginning of his career. Instead, Offredi fits in part with the career path of some talented contemporary designers who engage in product design outside of formal architectural training.
The earliest known furniture design work by Giovanni Offredi consists of exemplary furniture made specifically for some of Milan’s wealthy families. This is the case with the works that Offredi created in 1960 for Casa C. in Gorgonzola, a small town 22 kilometers from Milan. These works were designed with a surprisingly minimalist simplicity and elegance. They clearly demonstrated a hallmark of his design work with the use of angular lines and exposed metal or wooden frames – not unlike some modern Scandinavian designs of the period.


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