Gabriel Guévrékian


Gabriel Guévrékian was a well-known Parisian architect who also occasionally worked on interior design. He designed lamps for DIM’s interiors and of course for his own interiors. Several lamps were created in collaboration with the lighting expert André Salomon, including a hanging lamp, consisting of an inwardly curved metal ring that cast the rays of light onto the ceiling and bathed the room in a soft, indirect light. This model was created in 1929 and was undoubtedly modeled on Eugène Printz’s prototype, which was created a year earlier under the title ‘Couronne Lumineuse’.

Source: Alastair Duncan, Lampen Lüster Leuchter, Jugendstil Art Déco, Prestel-Verlag, München 1979, p. 171-172.

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