(Founded in 1922)

André Domin and Marcel Genevrière founded the Dominique company together in 1922. As interior designers, they furnished rooms for the Houbegant factory and for Jean Puiforçat’s villa. In the early 1920s they exhibited briefly with the Société des Artistes Décorateurs and then in 1926 founded the group Les Cinq with Chareau, Legrain, Puiforçat and Templier. In their designs they represented a representative simplicity. They used rosewood, mahogany, elm and other valuable woods for their geometric armchairs and couches. As a trapezoidal armchair from 1926 shows, they liked to cover the upholstery with blue damask silk. Their contribution to lighting was not particularly extensive. As photographs of their interiors show, they rarely used conventional types of lamps, except for a few appliques with upturned shades or a few small table lamps. When indirect lighting was not sufficient, wall, floor or table lamps made of silver-plated bronze with alabaster shades or of gilded bronze with sandblasted glass shades provided illumination. Some of these designs were featured in >Art et Industrie< in 1929 and 1930. The Chinese junk lamp and similar models, which were already on display at the International Exhibition in the French pavilion in 1925, can hardly be considered original.

Source: Alastair Duncan, Lampen Lüster Leuchter, Jugendstil Art Déco, Prestel-Verlag, München 1979, p.167-168.

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