Baguès Frères

Baguès Frères founded in 1840 in the Auvergne by Noël Baguès

In a 1928 advertisement in the magazine Mobilier et Décoration, the Baguès Frères company offered both antique and modern lamps, art objects and wrought iron. The head office was in Paris and was represented by branches in Brussels, London and New York. Stylistically, their lamps are difficult to categorize, especially since the designs were often of questionable quality and the program included reproductions in the Louis Quatorze style and in the Empire as well as stylized new designs à la Louis Quatorze.

The company’s preferred material included clear, milky, topaz or amethyst-like strings of beads. A chandelier that Baguès Frères designed for Mme. Jeanne Lanvin shows how sophisticated effects could be achieved. These strings of beads were attached to bronze frames and represented oversized fruits or glass water cascades. In 1932, the company made four large light vases for the foyer of the ocean liner >L’Atlantique<. In 1934 she was represented in the exhibition of the Salon du Luminaire and in 1937 in the International Exhibition.

Source: Alastair Duncan, Lampen Lüster Leuchter, Jugendstil Art Déco, Prestel-Verlag, München 1979, p.161

Opening hours:
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    12 a.m. - 6 p.m.
  • Saturday
    10 a.m. - 4 p.m.