Albert Cheuret


Albert Cheuret, as a student of Jacques Perrin, specialized in lamp design, but also created statuettes made of bronze and tin, heating panels, mirrors and an excellent mantel clock that was influenced by Egyptian art, which was again very current at the time. His table lamps, appliques and chandeliers are in the salon style of >Le Style 1925<. Lamp models with the characteristic crane motifs are very rare, but a table lamp with three tulip flowers made of yellow alabaster, which is still very reminiscent of Art Nouveau, appears more often in the art trade. At the 1925 exhibition he showed an important collection consisting of hanging, floor and table lamps in silver-plated bronze with angular alabaster inserts. A year earlier, as a member of the Sociéte des Artistes Français, he had already presented a lamp with a stylized bird of paradise, two appliques with a pearl pattern and a floor lamp with crystalline shapes. In all of his works you can see a clear and characteristic handwriting. The stylized themes of his Art Deco frames provide a harmonious balance to the sharp-edged alabaster inserts.

Source: Alastair Duncan, Lampen Lüster Leuchter, Jugendstil Art Déco, Prestel-Verlag, München 1979, p.163-164

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