Biedermeier pastel , portrait

Nr. 2497 | 600,-- Euro
Johann Diederich Zernitz
Biedermeier Pastell
Berliner Leiste

Biedermeier pastel

Lübeck around 1830

Biedermeier pastel

Lübeck around 1830

Sitter: Johann Diederich Zernitz

Born: July 9, 1803 Lübeck

Died: December 9, 1883 Lübeck

Framed in Berlin bar.

Height: 64 cm | Width: 53cm

Counterpart to his wife Dina Henriette Zernitz.
Price: €600
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Biedermeier Pastell

The Biedermeier pastel, created in Lübeck around 1830, is a fascinating example of the delicate and intimate portrait art of this era. The pastel portrait shows Johann Diederich Zernitz, an important personality from Lübeck who lived in the 19th century. Johann Diederich Zernitz, born on July 9, 1803 in Lübeck and died on December 9, 1883, is lovingly depicted in the pastel portrait. The portrait offers a unique insight into his personality and appearance at this time and also shows the fashion and lifestyle of the Biedermeier period. The pastel portrait is artfully framed in a Berlin bar typical of this period. The Berlin bar is characterized by its simple elegance and stylishly complements the pastel portrait without distracting from its subtle beauty. This Biedermeier pastel is not only a valuable artistic document, but also historical evidence of the life of the 19th century. It shows not only Johann Diederich Zernitz’s appearance, but also his personality and his status in the society of his time. Such a work of art remains a fascinating and enchanting piece for collectors and art lovers, honoring the history and aesthetics of the Biedermeier era. We have the female counterpart to match this male model of a Biedermeier pastel portrait.

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