Art Deco ceiling lamp

Nr. 2175 | 3.800,-- Euro
Art Deco ceiling lamp
Art Déco Deckenlampe aus
Art Déco Deckenlampe Detail
Art Déco Deckenlampe Glas
Art Déco Deckenlampe Detail
Art Déco Deckenlampe von unten
Art Déco Deckenlampe

6-arm Art Deco
ceiling light

Art Deco lightning.
France around 1925.

Fluted end, concave-convex round hoop, fluted candlestick arms, finely streamlined glass bowls with flower-like bulges.

Six-armed, original bowls; Glass rods, elaborately designed arms.

Height: 90 cm | Diameter: 78cm

Price: € 3.800,–

(incl. 19% demonstrable VAT)

Art Deco ceiling lamp

The Art Deco ceiling lamp is an iconic piece in the Art Deco style. Embodies the elegance, style and luxury of this unique art style. An Art Deco ceiling lamp could be made from various materials such as metal, bronze or glass. It would often feature intricate details and decorations.

Typically, the shape of the Art Deco ceiling lamp is geometric and symmetrical and features clean lines and sharp edges. Colors can range from muted tones to vibrant colors, and it is not uncommon for Art Deco lamps to feature patterns and geometric shapes.

The ceiling lamp is often used as the central piece of a room as it serves as both functional lighting and a work of art. The lamp creates a warm and inviting light that enlivens the room and gives it a special atmosphere.

An Art Deco lamp is a timeless piece that adds a touch of elegance and style to any room and is an unforgettable work of art that embodies the beauty and luxury of the Art Deco style.

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