French Pendulum “The Study”

Nr. 036 | 4.500,-- Euro
Bisquit Pendule France
“The Study”
Emailliertes Ziffernblatt
Das Studium der Literatur
Das Studium der Wissenschaften
Das Studium des Rechts
Emailliertes Ziffernblatt
Bisquitpendule 1830
Uhr von oben

French Pendulum
“The Study”

Execution in Sèvre-Bisquit

France around 1830.

Design in the period of Enlightenment 1780-1800.

8-day movement with half-hour strike over lock-disc striking mechanism on delicate bell ( due to high silver content). Thread suspended pendulum.

Height: 42 cm | Width: 38 cm Depth: 18 cm

This model is illustrated in Tardy II, edition 1981,

S. 75

Price: 4.500,–

( Differential taxation according to §25a UstG )

French Pendulum “The Study”

The “French Pendule The Study” is an antique table clock from France, made in the 19th century. It is known for its ornamentation and ornate design that depicts the importance of education and knowledge.

The clock is made of bisque porcelain decorated with bronze ornaments. The clock face is surrounded by a relief depicting various allegorical figures, including a female figure personifying study. She holds a book in her hand and is surrounded by various symbols of science and education, such as a globe and a telescope.

The French Pendule The Study is not only an aesthetically pleasing clock, but also a symbol of the importance of education and knowledge. It was a popular gift for students and scholars in the past. Today it is a sought-after collector’s item and is often displayed in museums and art exhibitions.

This historical French Pendulum “The Study” needs a place to shine like Museale Kommode Louis Seize um 1780.

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