Child with drum Biedermeier painting

Nr. 2505 | 1.300,-- Euro
Child with drum painting
Child with drum painting
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Child with drum

German around 1820. Early Biedermeier. Oil on canvas. Berlin bar. Height: 31 | 40cm | Width: 22.5 | 31.5cm No. 2505 Price: €1,300 (Differential taxation, VAT cannot be shown)


Child with drum

In the quaint charm of Biedermeier art, a captivating scene unfolds upon canvas – a “Child with Drum.” The painting captures the essence of domestic bliss and innocence that defines the Biedermeier era. A child, rosy-cheeked and adorned in a simple yet elegant frock.

The drum, held firmly by small hands, becomes the focal point, its surface painted with vibrant hues that mirror the joy radiating from the child’s eyes. The soft, warm glow, highlighting the intimate setting. Having a walk in the garden with a little elegant dog playing and playing with the drum.

The Biedermeier style, with its emphasis on simplicity, domesticity, and sentimentality, finds expression in this tender portrayal. The artist skillfully captures the spirit of a bygone era, where the ordinary moments of childhood take center stage, and the sound of a drum becomes a melody of innocence and joy.

Such a painting brings the Biedermeier Vibe to your home and could be placed near another art work like this Biedermeier chest of drawers.

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