Set of three Art Deco tables

Nr. 2507 | 3.950,--Euro
Set of three Art Deco tables
Dreier Set Nussbaumtische Art Deco
Dreier Set Nussbaumtische Art Deco
Dreier Set Nussbaumtische Art Deco
Dreier Set Nussbaumtische Art Deco
Dreier Set Nussbaumtische Art Deco
Dreier Set Nussbaumtische Art Deco
Dreier Set Nussbaumtische Art Deco
Dreier Set Nussbaumtische Art Deco

Art Deco
Set of three tables

France around 1940. Walnut wood veneered with a beautiful grain. Slightly protruding profiled cover plate with delicately curved square legs that taper downwards.

Table 1:
Height: 53 cm | Width: 57.5 cm | Depth: 38 cm

Table 2:
Height: 50 cm | Width: 46 cm | Depth: 35cm

Table 3: 
Height: 47 cm | Width: 57.5cm | Depth: 38cm

Price: € 3.950,–
(incl.19% VAT can be shown)

Set of three Art Deco tables

Embark on a journey to the glamorous era of 1940s France with this alluring set of three Art Deco tables. A true reflection of the period’s opulence and design refinement. Immerse yourself in the craftsmanship and aesthetic sensibilities that defined this remarkable epoch.

Crafted with meticulous precision, these tables showcase the natural beauty of walnut wood veneer. Each piece boasting a mesmerizing grain pattern that adds an organic and enchanting touch to the ensemble. The choice of walnut, with its warm hues and distinctive figuring, not only highlights the richness of the material. Also pays homage to the Art Deco preference for luxurious and timeless elements.

The tables feature a slightly protruding profiled cover plate. A subtle yet impactful detail that underscores the elegance of the set. This design choice not only serves as a visual focal point but also demonstrates the seamless integration of form and function. A hallmark of the Art Deco movement. The tables, with their refined silhouette, become more than mere furniture. They transform into sculptural pieces that command attention in any setting.

Delve into the intricate design of the delicately curved square legs, gently tapering downwards, contributing to the set’s overall sophistication. The graceful curvature is a testament to the period’s commitment to intricate detailing and bespoke craftsmanship. As your eye moves along the lines of each table, you are transported to an era where every curve and contour was carefully considered, and every element served to elevate the aesthetic experience.

Elevate your living space with this timeless set of Art Deco tables, where the beauty of walnut wood seamlessly intertwines with the grace of delicate curves. Each table becomes a statement piece, resonating with enduring style and sophistication. The ensemble is not just a collection of tables; it is a curated experience that allows you to bring the allure of 1940s France into your home.

Whether placed in a chic living room, an elegant foyer, or a stylish office, these tables exude an air of refinement that transcends time. Their presence is an invitation to appreciate the bygone era’s commitment to craftsmanship and design excellence. As you incorporate this set into your living space, you are not just acquiring furniture; you are embracing a piece of history, a tangible connection to the Art Deco legacy that continues to captivate and inspire.

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