Coffee table Art Deco Belgium

Nr. 2536 | 5.800,-- Euro
Coffee table Art Deco
Couchtisch Art Déco um 1940
Art Déco Coffee table 1940
Couchtisch Belgien um 1940

Art Deco
Coffee table

Belgium around 1940.
U-shaped frame on mustache base.
Inlaid glass plate with black lacquered stripes in the mirror glass.
Foot decorated with metal clasps.

Total height: 55 cm | Length: 114cm | Depth: 48cm

No. 2536

Price: € 5.800,-
(incl. 19% VAT can be shown)

Art Deco Coffee table

The Art Deco coffee table, which originated in France and Belgium around 1940, is a fascinating example of the refined aesthetics and innovative design of that era. With its U-shaped frame resting on a graceful Moustache foot, this table embodies the typical features of Art Déco style in its most elegant form.

The structure of the coffee table is not only functional but also aesthetically appealing. The curved shape of the U-shaped frame gives the table a sense of dynamism and lightness. While the Moustache foot provides it with stability and elegance. This combination of form and function is characteristic of Art Déco design, which often combines geometric shapes with organic elements.

The glass top of the Art Déco Coffee table is another outstanding feature. Artfully inlaid and adorned with black lacquered stripes. It creates subtle reflections in the mirrored glass, giving the table a unique visual depth. This sophisticated treatment of the material underscores the attention to detail that is typical of the Art Déco movement.

The decorations on the foot of the table are also noteworthy. Metal clamps, skillfully attached, add an additional layer of luxury and sophistication to the piece of furniture. These small details help make the coffee table not only a functional piece of furniture. Also a work of art that embodies the stylistic refinement and zeitgeist of the Art Déco era.

Overall, the Art Déco coffee table from France and Belgium around 1940 is a truly remarkable piece of design history. Its elegant form, meticulous craftsmanship, and subtle details make it a timeless classic that is still admired and appreciated today.

If black is not your color we can offer this beautiful set of three Art Deco tables in woodcolor.

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