Round Art Deco mirror, sold

Nr. 1757 |
Round Art Deco mirror

Art Deco wall mirror

France around 1925.

Round original mirror glass with gray geometric gray zigzag design.

Original condition: 73.5 cm

Art Deco mirror

The Round Art Deco mirror from France dates back to around 1925 and has an original mirror glass with a geometric zigzag design in gray. The design was applied to the surface of the mirror, which means that it was not etched or engraved into the glass, but rather applied as a kind of color layer.

The zigzag shapes are typical of the Art Deco style that was popular in the 1920s. This style was characterized by geometric shapes, sharp lines, and metallic and shiny surfaces. The use of gray as a color was also typical of this style and contributed to the simple yet elegant aesthetics.

It is worth noting that the round Art Deco mirror is in its original condition, which means that it has not been restored or repaired. This can increase the value of the mirror, as many collectors and antique enthusiasts appreciate the authentic character and history of an object.

In architecture and interior design, the Art Deco style and the Bauhaus style dominated in the 1920s. The Art Deco style was characterized by geometric shapes, sharp lines, metallic and shiny surfaces, and rich decorations. The Bauhaus style, on the other hand, was more minimalist and functional, focusing on simple, clean lines and materials such as steel, glass, and concrete.

This timeless Mirror would be absolutly beautiful above this Art Deco chest of drawers with marble top. Or you look for a very special mirror, here you have an Belle Epoque table mirror.

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