Art Deco chest of drawers with marble top

Nr. 2509 | 7.500,--Euro
Art Deco chest of drawers
Art Deco RSA Wiesbaden
Amboina Kommode Art Deco
Art Deco Kommode RSA Wiesbaden
Art Deco Kommode RSA Wiesbaden
Art Deco Kommode RSA Wiesbaden
Art Deco Kommode RSA Wiesbaden
Art Deco Kommode RSA Wiesbaden
Art Deco chest of drawers
Art Deco Kommode RSA Wiesbaden

Art Deco
chest of drawers

France around 1930. Rosewood; original marble top. Four-drawer chest of drawers with original glass handles held by metal rods. Rounded edges . Foot design using rounded wooden stick in rosewood.

Height: 91.5cm | Width: 95.5 cm | Depth: 48cm

No. 2509

Price: € 7.500 ,–

(incl.19% VAT can be shown)

Art Deco chest of drawers

Immerse yourself in the timeless allure of 1930s France with this extraordinary Art Deco chest of drawers. A true masterpiece crafted from the sumptuous rosewood that epitomizes the essence of opulence. This four-drawer chest not only serves as a functional storage solution but also stands as a captivating work of art. Its showcasing the pinnacle of craftsmanship and sophistication from the Art Deco era.

The original marble top, with its finely grained surface, adds an extra layer of refinement to this already stunning piece. Juxtaposition of the warm, rich tones of Rosewood against the cool, intricate patterns of the marble creates a visual symphony. Making it a focal point in any space. This meticulous attention to detail extends to the original glass handles elegantly secured by metal rods, adding a touch of delicacy to the robust form of the chest.

What sets this chest of drawers apart is not just its materials and design but also its unique foot design, a hallmark of Cubism. The rounded wooden stick in Rosewood, forming the base, not only provides stability but also introduces an element of artistic flair. This departure from conventional foot designs showcases the avant-garde spirit of the Art Deco movement, where form and function coalesce in harmonious unity.

Fusion Design

The chest exudes an air of exotic allure, combining rare materials and impeccable construction. The fusion of Amboina wood, known for its striking grain patterns and warm hues, with the flawless execution of Cubist-inspired details, creates a piece that is both visually captivating and functionally superior.

As a testament to its authenticity and historical significance. This chest of drawers retains its original fittings, underscoring the commitment to first-class workmanship and the use of fine materials. Each drawer, with its smooth operation, reflects the mastery of the craftsmen who painstakingly created this functional work of art.

The essence of Art Deco

In essence, this Art Deco chest of drawers is more than furniture.It’s a journey back in time, a visual symphony of exotic woods, perfected construction, and exceptional design. The uniqueness and beauty transcend mere utility. Inviting you to appreciate the extraordinary craftsmanship and elegance of an era that valued both form and function.

This unbelivable Piece of art Art Deco chest of drawers would be a nice match to this Round Art Deco mirror.

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