Lithograph “Four Sisters” by “David Schneuer”,sold

Nr. 2270 |
David Schneuer
Lithograph “Four Sisters”

“Four Sisters”

Original lithograph
by David Schneuer
(Born: 1905 in Poland).
Numbered and signed by hand.

No. : 97 / 250
Height: 44 cm / 69 cm | Width: 37 cm / 56,5 cm

Lithograph “Four Sisters”

The lithograph titled “Four Sisters” was created by the Polish artist David Schneuer in the 20th century. Schneuer, who was born in 1905, was known for his depictions of Jewish life in Europe, particularly in Poland and Germany.

The lithograph is numbered and hand-signed by David Schneuer. It depicts four sisters in traditional clothing and is rendered in warm tones that are typical of the artist’s style. The lithograph is a beautiful example of Schneuer’s style and aesthetics and conveys a sense of family unity and tradition.

David Schneuer was a well-known artist of the 20th century, and his works are appreciated by collectors worldwide. The lithograph “Four Sisters” is a timeless and classic piece that would make a beautiful addition to any home or office.

David Schneuer (1905-1988) was a Polish-Israeli artist known for his depictions of Jewish life in Europe. He studied art in Germany and later emigrated to Palestine (now Israel). Schneuer worked as an illustrator, painter, lithographer, and designer and was known for his stylization and distortion of figures and forms. His work often reflects his Jewish identity and depicts scenes from the daily lives of Jews in Europe and Israel. Schneuer’s works have been shown in exhibitions around the world and are appreciated by collectors.

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