Art Déco Aluminum cabinet

Nr. 2586 | 11.800,-- Euro | Offer of July: 9.800,--Euro
Art Déco
Aluminum cabinet 1930
Aluminium Schrank 1930
Aluminium Schrank 1930
Aluminium Schrank 1930
Aluminium Schrank 1930
Aluminium Schrank 1930
Aluminium Schrank 1930
Aluminium Schrank 1930
Aluminium Schrank 1930
Aluminium Schrank 1930
Aluminium Schrank 1930
Aluminium Schrank 1930

Art Deco cabinet

England around 1930.


Body with stepped sides. Door with green original phenolic handle.

Aluminium in original condition. 3 renewed original shelves.

Height: 182.5 cm

Width: 102 cm

Depth: 47cm

Offer of the month:

Euro: 9.800,–

Art Déco Cabinet

This aluminum cabinet comes from England and was made around 1930. The piece of furniture is made of aluminum and is in its original condition, which underlines its historical value. The body of the cabinet is characterized by its stepped sides, which give it a striking and stylish appearance.

The door of the aluminum cabinet is equipped with an original, green phenolic handle, which provides a colorful accent and emphasizes the typical Art Deco style. Inside the cabinet there are three renewed shelves based on the original designs and offer additional storage space.

Use of aluminum in Art Deco furniture

Aluminum played a special role in Art Deco furniture manufacturing and symbolized the progress and modernity of the time. The light but robust metal was ideal for making furniture and fit perfectly with the industrial and futuristic aspects of the Art Deco style. Aluminum was often polished to achieve a shiny surface that reflected the light and gave the furniture an elegant and contemporary touch.

Combining aluminum with other materials

The combination of aluminum with materials such as glass, marble and Bakelite (an early plastic) was typical for Art Deco furniture. These material combinations created interesting contrasts and emphasized the modernity and uniqueness of the designs. Aluminum was used not only for structural elements, but also for decorative details such as handles, frames and fittings.

This Art Deco aluminum cabinet combines the elegance and industrial flair of the 1930s and is therefore a fascinating collector’s item that can be integrated into various room concepts both functionally and decoratively.

this Art Déco Petitot Ceiling lamp could be the perfekt lightening for this Table.

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