Art Deco table lamp with glass spheres

Nr. 2257

Art Deco table lamp with glass spheres

France around 1930.

Stepped, round, chrome-plated metal base with three glass spheres piled on top of each other, crowned with a glass sphere decorated with stars.

Original glass and original condition.

Height: 36 cm | Ball and base diameter: 16 cm
Newly electrified.

Single Art Déco table lamp

These Art Deco table lamps with glass balls could be a beautiful addition to your Art Deco interior. Here are some features that could make up such a lamp:

Geometric shapes: Typical of the Art Deco table lamp are geometric shapes such as circles, squares or triangles to reflect the characteristic geometric aesthetic of Art Deco. Glass: Glass is an important component of the Art Deco style, and glass balls can wonderfully diffuse light. The glass balls can be transparent or colored, depending on the desired look. Chrome or brass: Metals such as chrome or brass are characteristic of the Art Deco style and can be used in a table lamp to convey a touch of luxury and sophistication. Lighting: A table lamp with glass balls will produce soft, warm light. This can be particularly useful in creating an intimate and cozy atmosphere. Decorative elements: An Art Deco table lamp is a decorative element.

This Art Deco table lamp with glass balls is an elegant and stylish accessory for your Art Deco interior that will bring you joy for many years to come.

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