Ceiling lamp as a fruit basket

Nr. 2545 | 2.800,-- Euro
Ceiling lamp as a fruit basket
Belle Epoque Deckenlampe
Belle Epoque Deckenlampe
Belle Epoque Deckenlampe

Ceiling lamp

France around 1900.
Belle Epoque

A beautiful antique French bronze candlestick with six glass and porcelain roses. 6 x B22 (French bayonet)
Height: 67 cm | Diameter: 52cm

Euro: 2,800.–

(Differential taxation according to §25a UstG)

Ceiling lamp as a fruit basket

The bronze ceiling lamp, made around 1900 in Belle Epoque France, is a fascinating example of the artistic craftsmanship of this period. This antique French bronze candlestick is presented in the shape of an ornate fruit basket. Floating on the ceiling and representing a true masterpiece of lighting art.

The ceiling lamp as a fruit basket is equipped with six glass and porcelain roses that beautifully diffuse the light and create a magical glow. Each of the six lamp holders is designed for the French B22 bayonet, an elegant adaptation to the standards of electrification of the time.

The fine bronze workmanship of the fruit basket, combined with the delicate details of the glass and porcelain roses. It gives this ceiling lamp a touch of elegance and luxury. It perfectly captures the atmosphere and spirit of the Belle Epoque and exudes a timeless beauty that continues to fascinate even after more than a century.

This fruit basket ceiling lamp is not just a functional lighting element. It is also an impressive work of art that brings the splendor and splendor of bygone times into any environment.

Unbelievable beautiful this piece of art like this Ceiling lamp as a pendant.

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