Brass ceiling chandelier with Swarovski stones

Nr. 2546 | 5.800,-- Euro
Brass ceiling chandelier 1950

Gold plated brass chandelier

Rich decoration of Swarovski crystals. Around 1960. German or Austrian. 8 burning points for E14 light bulbs. Gold-plated brass and set with crystals from Swarovski.

No. 2546

Euro: 5,800.–
(differential taxation)

Brass ceiling chandelier

The gold-plated brass chandelier with rich Swarovski crystal hangings, made in Germany or Austria around 1960, embodies the exquisite elegance and glamor of this time. With its eight burners for E14 bulbs, this chandelier radiates a majestic light while adding a touch of luxury to any room.

The gold plating of the brass gives this chandelier an elegant shine and underlines its opulent presence. The Swarovski crystals, artfully incorporated into the design, create a sparkling play of light and shadow that wraps the room in a magical atmosphere.

This brass ceiling chandelier is not only a functional lighting element, but also a stunning work of art that reflects the refined craftsmanship and timeless style of this era. Its splendor and beauty make it an incomparable eye-catcher and a true treasure for any ambience.

In addition to this magnificent specimen, we also offer this ceiling lamp as a fruit basket.

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