Art Deco floor lamp

Nr. 2466 | 2.800,-- Euro
France circa 1930
Art Deco floor lamp
Schirm in originaler Patina
Bronze Fuß mit Messing ummantelt
Originale Art Déco Stehlampe
Schaft mit Metallringen verziert
Neu verkabelt und elektrifizierte Stehlampe aus dem Art Déco

Art Deco
floor lamp

France circa 1930.

Green marbled tapered wooden stem with bronze base sheathed in brass. Shade in chrome in old patina.

Height: 181,5cm | Diameter shade: 48,5 cm | Diameter base: 37 cm

Price: 2.800,– €

( incl. 19 % VAT to be shown)


Art Deco floor lamp

An Art Deco floor lamp from the 1930s is a stylish and historically significant piece of lighting and design. Here’s some information about Art Deco floor lamps from that era:

  1. Art Deco Style: Art Deco is characterized by its bold, geometric shapes, sleek lines, and luxurious materials. It emerged in the 1920s and continued into the 1930s, so a floor lamp from the 1930s would exhibit many of these design features.
  2. Materials: Art Deco floor lamps were often constructed using high-quality materials such as brass, chrome, nickel, glass, and exotic woods. These materials were chosen for their durability and aesthetic appeal.
  3. Design Elements:
    • Geometric Shapes: Art Deco lamps often featured geometric shapes, such as square, rectangular, or stepped bases and shades.
    • Streamlined Design: The lamps tended to have a streamlined, elegant design with a focus on vertical lines.
    • Ornamentation: While Art Deco favored clean lines, some lamps may have had ornate detailing or embellishments, especially around the base or on the shade.

Art Deco floor lamps from the 1930s are sought after by collectors and enthusiasts of vintage and antique design. They can make a stunning addition to both contemporary and period-inspired interiors due to their timeless appeal and sophisticated aesthetics. If you’re interested in acquiring or selling one, it’s advisable to consult with an antique appraiser or a specialist in Art Deco lighting to assess its value and authenticity accurately.

This lamp would give the perfect light to an Vestibule cabinet, Vienna around 1910

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