Apollo and Artemis

Nr. 1325 | 4.400,– Euro

Apollo and Artemis

Couple of big busts

France around 1860

Gypsum mass in fine finish. Museum replicas.

provenance: Staircase of a castle in France.

Height: 29,72 Inches
Width: 17,72 Inches
Depth: 9,06 Inches

4.400,– Euro

( Differential Tax)

Apollo and Artemis

Two important figures in Greek mythology.

Apollo was the god of light, healing, prophecy, and music. He was often depicted with a bow and arrows and was also the patron god of poets and musicians. Apollo was also worshipped as the god of the sun.

Artemis was the goddess of hunting, the moon, and virginity. She was often depicted with a bow and a silver arrow and was also the protector of animals and nature. Artemis was an important goddess for women and childbirth.

This two were the children of Zeus and Leto. They were twins and were born in Delos. Together, they were also known as the “Delian siblings.”

In many myths, Apollo and Artemis worked together to help and serve humans. For example, they assisted in the birth of Apollo’s son Asclepius and also saved many people from dangerous animals.

In other stories, however, Apollo and Artemis were also rivals and fought over different things. Nevertheless, they always remained close siblings and important figures in Greek mythology.

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