Pair of Biedermeier paintings,sold

Nr. 1546
Biedermeier paintings
Biedermeier painting 1
Biedermeier painting 2
Biedermeier painting detail

Pair of Biedermeier paintings
German 1815.
Protestant couple.
Oil on wood. Original frame.
Spiritual dignitaries sitting in the Ornat in Biedermeier’s Room.
Counterpiece with consort.

Height: 60 cm | Width: 49 cm

Pair of Biedermeier paintings

Biedermeier portraits were a popular form of art during the Biedermeier era in Europe, which lasted from approximately 1815 to 1848. During this time, it was fashionable to create portraits of people, typically depicted in their bourgeois clothing. The goal was to represent the person as realistically and true to life as possible, without idealizing or distorting their appearance. Portraits were often created using oil paint on wood, but could also be made as drawings or lithographs.

Here we have a pair of Biedermeier portraits of a Protestant couple from Biedermeier Germany around 1815, painted in oil on wood with original frames. The man, a spiritual dignitary in clerical robes, is seated at the right side of a Biedermeier room table, and his wife is seated on the left side of the table in a typical Biedermeier style.

Some well-known artists who created portraits in the Biedermeier style include Franz Xaver Winterhalter, Carl Spitzweg, Moritz von Schwind, and Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller. Biedermeier portraits can also be viewed as time capsules, as they not only depict the individual person, but also the fashion and living circumstances of the time period.

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