Elegant Biedermeier Wall Mirror

Nr. 2413 | 1.600,-- Euro
Biedermeier Wall Mirror

Elegant Biedermeier Wall Mirror Berlin around 1820. Mahogany veneer on an oak corpus with carved stylized foliage. Mirror glass has been replaced.

Height: 98 cm | Width: 64 cm | Depth: 5 cm No.

Price: 1.600,– €.

(including 19% VAT that can be claimed back)

Elegant Wall Mirror

The elegant Biedermeier wall mirror from Berlin around 1820 is a piece of furniture in the Biedermeier style, an artistic and stylish design period that was popular in Central Europe during the early 19th century.

The mirror is made of mahogany veneer on an oak frame and is adorned with carved stylized foliage. Mahogany was a popular wood for furniture in the Biedermeier style due to its warm and noble appearance. The carved decorations in the form of stylized foliage are characteristic of the Biedermeier style, which was inspired by natural motifs and organic forms.

It is mentioned that the mirror glass has been renewed, indicating that the original mirror has been replaced over time. This is a common practice with antique furniture to keep them functional and aesthetically appealing.

Wall mirrors were very popular in the Biedermeier style and served not only as practical elements but also as decorative accents in living spaces. They visually enlarged the room and reflected light, contributing to a brighter and more airy atmosphere.

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