Delicate Pillar Commode

Nr. 2418 | 2.500,-- Euro
Delicate Pillar Commode
Pfeilerkommode Biedermeier
Pfeilerkommode Biedermeier
Pfeilerkommode Biedermeier
Pfeilerkommode Biedermeier
Pfeilerkommode Biedermeier

Delicate Pillar Commode

Central Germany around 1820.

Solid and veneered maple on a softwood body.

Can be freestanding with six drawers.

A narrow and tall piece of furniture that can be freestanding.

Height: 75 cm | Width: 40 cm | Depth: 31 cm

Price: 2.500,– €

(VAT margin scheme according to §25a UstG)

Delicate Pillar Commode

The pillar commode is a characteristic piece of furniture from the Biedermeier style, which was popular in Germany and Austria during the first half of the 19th century. The Biedermeier era was characterized by a return to bourgeois values and a focus on domestic comfort.

During this time, the pillar commode became a popular piece of furniture often used in living spaces. It is characterized by its rectangular shape and consists of a body with drawers and two side pillars that serve as decorative elements. The pillars can be either square or column-like in design and often feature intricately crafted embellishments such as carvings or inlays.

The design of the pillar commode was influenced by various factors. It incorporates classical elements, reflected in clean lines and symmetrical forms, as well as romantic influences, seen in playful details and decorations. These furniture pieces were often made from fine woods such as mahogany, cherry, or walnut and adorned with elaborate veneers.

The pillar commode served both as a practical storage furniture and as a representative piece for furnishing the homes of the upper bourgeoisie. It was used for storing clothing, tableware, or other everyday items. Its aesthetic design harmoniously blended into the bourgeois living ambiance.

Today, Biedermeier furniture, including pillar commodes, enjoys great popularity among collectors and enthusiasts of the historical furniture style. They are often considered valuable antiques and can be found in specialized antique shops or auction houses. Additionally, reproductions in the Biedermeier style are also available, reflecting the charm and aesthetics of this era.

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