Biedermeier pedestal in the form of a column

Nr. 1970 | 3.900,-- Euro
Biedermeier around 1820
Biedermeier pedestal in the form
Mahagoni Schrank Biedermeier
in Säulenform
Schnitzwerk Biedermeier Säulenschrank
Schellack Politur

Biedermeier pedestal

in the form of a column in mahogany.

Rare Biedermeier cabinet in the form of a column. Semi-circular corpus to stand against the wall.

Northern Germany, Biedermeier around 1820.

Mahogany with brass fittings.

Height: 150 cm | Width: 60 cm Depth: 39 cm

Very nice and rare storage furniture with three shelves.

Back flattened and straight to be able to put it against the wall.

Shellac hand polish.

Authentic original condition.

Price: 3.900,– €

( incl. 19 % VAT to be shown).

Postament in column form

A Biedermeier style pedestal is a piece of furniture that was typically used to place sculptures or other decorative objects. It is often slender and tall and has a rectangular or square shape.

The pedestal was often made of solid wood, such as cherry wood or mahogany, with intricate carvings and decorations.

In the Biedermeier style, pedestals were often made as stand-alone pieces of furniture, but they could also be integrated as part of larger pieces of furniture such as cabinets or chests of drawers.

The forms were often symmetrical and simple, but more complex designs with columns, ornamentation or carving could also be used.

This rare Biedermeier cabinet in the shape of a column, has a semi-circular body to stand against the wall.It comes from Northern Germany, Biedermeier around 1820.

The wood used is mahogany with brass fittings. Very nice and rare storage furniture with three shelves.

Shellac hand polish and authentic original condition.

Postaments were often used as part of the furnishings of libraries, living rooms and salons and were used to showcase sculptures or other works of art.

Today, Biedermeier postaments are sought-after collectibles and can be found in antique stores or at auction.

To illuminate this pedestal in the right Light we suggest a Bouillotte table lamp.

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