Biedermeier cherry tree cabinet

Nr. 2542 | 7.200,--Euro
Biedermeier cherry tree cabinet

cherry tree cabinet

German around 1820.

Biedermeier cherry tree cabinet.Solid cherry wood. Cassette panels in the doors. Brass coated outer fittings for hanging the doors.

3 shelves. Ebonized key plates.

Shellac polish.

2542      Height: 194 cm | Width: 156 cm | 145cm | Depth: 58.5 | 52.5cm

No. 2542

Price: € 7.200,–

(incl.19% VAT can be declared)

The Biedermeier style

The Biedermeier cherry tree cabinet, manufactured around 1820, embodies the classic elegance and sophistication of this time. Made from solid cherry wood, it exudes a timeless beauty. Its doors are artfully designed with coffered panels that give the cabinet a harmonious structure.

A special feature of this cabinet is the brass-coated outer fittings, which are used to easily hang the doors. This sophisticated detail demonstrates craftsmanship and ensures practical handling.

Inside the cabinet, three shelves offer enough space for storing a variety of items. The ebonized key plates create an elegant contrast to the warm tone of the cherry wood and give the cabinet an additional touch of finesse.

The overall look of this piece of furniture is rounded off by a shellac polish, which not only ensures a shiny appearance, but also highlights the natural grain of the wood. The Biedermeier cherry tree cabinet is therefore not only a functional piece of furniture, but also an aesthetic work of art that perfectly embodies the charm and craftsmanship of the early 19th century.

Cherry wood in Biedermeier style

In the Biedermeier era of the 19th century, cherry wood was a popular material for furniture. Its warm, reddish-brown color and characteristic grain gave the furniture a natural elegance. Cherry wood was often used solid or veneered to make various pieces of furniture such as cabinets, tables and chairs. The simple beauty of the cherry wood fit perfectly with the reserved Biedermeier style and contributed to the cozy atmosphere of the living spaces.

Such a cherry wood cabinet needs its cherry wood chest of drawers.

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