Delicate Biedermeier secretary in wild cherry

Nr. 2272 | 2.400,--Euro
Biedermeier secretary
Biedermeier secretary closed
Biedermeier secretary side
Biedermeier secretary open

Delicate Biedermeier secretary in wild cherry.

Munich / South Germany around 1810-1820.

Wild cherry veneered on softwood corpus.

Interior with blackened writing surface and secret drawers.

The piece of furniture was extensively restored in the 1990s for DM 4,800 – but over the decades it has had drying cracks on the sides and on the top panel caused by underfloor heating.

But since it is a very nice piece of furniture, I am offering it at this low price for a hobby restorer or collector. You can also leave the condition as it is – all functions are perfect and it is really a very nice piece of furniture.

Height: 152,5 cm | Width: 86 cm Depth: 44,5 cm | 96 cm

Price: 2.400,– €

(Differential taxation according to §25a UStG)

Delicate Biedermeier secretary

A delicate Biedermeier secretary is a piece of furniture that was popular during the Biedermeier period from 1815 to 1848. It is a desk with many compartments and drawers that also served as a storage place for documents and writing materials.

Typically, a secretary is made of solid wood, often in cherry, pear, or mahogany, and decorated with elegant details such as turned columns, carvings, or inlays. The writing surface of the secretary can be folded out to enlarge the workspace and is often covered with green or red leather.

This particular delicate Biedermeier secretary is from Munich/Southern Germany around 1810-1820. The wood used is wild cherry, veneered on a softwood body. This interior with 7 drawers and 2 secret drawers is typical of this era and has a blackened writing surface.

Biedermeier secretaries are a piece of furniture for the upper middle class and the nobility and was used in private homes as well as in public buildings such as libraries and courthouses. Today, Biedermeier secretaries are coveted collector’s items and are often found in museums and antique shops.

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