Viennese Art Nouveau cupboard with watercolors, sold

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Viennese Art Nouveau cupboard
Viennese Art Nouveau cupboard
Detailaufnahme Türe mit Bleiverglasung und Bronzen
Originale Säulen mit Bronzezierwerk
Aquarelle hinter Glas signiert und datiert 1908 Karl Bauer Wien
Signierte Ansicht von Wiener Stadtteil
Aquarell signiert Karl Bauer Wien 1908
Ansicht von Wiener Stadtteil
Detail vom Schrank Wien um 1908
4 Aquarelle hinter Glas gerahmt

Cupboard with

Viennese Art Nouveau

Around 1908, mahogany.

Viennese Art Nouveau cupboard with watercolors.
Faceted glazed doors flanking a mirror. In the lower section 4 drawers with 4 doors, four framed watercolors with Austrian vedute by the painter :

Karl Bauer ,signed and dated: 1908

Mahogany with brass fittings and original brass locks.

Height: 187 cm |

width: 190 cm | depth: 38 cm

Viennese Art Nouveau cupboard

Viennese Art Nouveau cupboard around 1910 is a piece of furniture crafted during the Art Nouveau period or the Vienna Secession. It is a cabinet typically placed in the entrance hall of a house to store clothing, hats, or shoes.

The Vienna Secession was a renowned group of artists and craftsmen active in Vienna in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. They were known for their high-quality and innovative furniture pieces, often crafted from premium materials such as mahogany, ebony, or walnut wood.

Cabinets from this era were often adorned with floral or geometric patterns and featured intricate carvings and inlay work. The cabinet doors typically could be locked to securely store the items inside.

This Viennese Art Nouveau cupboard is an eye catcher and may just need the perfect lighting with this Art Deco floor lamp.

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