Signed bronze by “J. Caussé”

Nr. 2520 | 2.400,--Euro
Julien Caussé

Signed bronze
“The Thistle”

France around 1890.

Belle Epoque.
Signed: J.Causse inscribed: “Le Charon”
(Julien Causse 1869 – 1909)

No. 2520
Height: 64.5cm | Base diameter: 18 cm

Euro: 2,400,–

(Differential taxation according to §25a UstG)

Julien Caussé Bronze

The signed bronze “The Thistle”, created around 1890 in Belle Epoque France, is an impressive work of art that embodies the artistic sophistication of this period. Signed by J. Causse and labeled “Le Charon”, this masterpiece was created by Julien Causse (1869-1909), a talented sculptor of his era.

Central motif of the bronze is a female body surrounded by leaves, suggesting an allegorical representation of nature and its beauty. The choice of the thistle as a symbol gives the work a deep symbolism. The thistle is often associated with strength, protection and independence.

Artistic designs of the woman’s body, wrapped in leaves, is a testament to Causse’s masterful skill and his fine sense of detail. This bronze exudes a timeless elegance and perfectly captures the mood and spirit of the Belle Epoque.

The signed bronze “The Thistle” is therefore not only a work of art. It is also a testament to the artistic brilliance and cultural wealth of this important period in the history of France and Europe.

The Art Nouveau

Art Nouveau is an artistic movement that emerged in Europe at the end of the 19th century and was expressed in various artistic fields. As architecture, design, art and literature. The Art Nouveau movement is known for its use of organic shapes. Typical floral patterns and curved lines, often inspired by nature.

Bronze is a metal that was often used in the Art Nouveau movement to create sculptures and other works of art. Bronze sculptures from the Art Nouveau period are known for their fine details and artistic design.

Overall, Art Nouveau was a time of creative freedom and experimentation with new forms and techniques in art. Many Art Nouveau artists and designers saw their work as part of a larger movement to create a new, modern aesthetic and artistic style.

Another bronze in our repertoire is the Art Nouveau bronze signed: “Hoffmann”.

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