Single Stool Art Déco 1930

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stool Art Déco
Hocker Art Déco
Hocker Art Déco
Hocker Art Déco

Single Art Deco stool

France around 1930.

Stained beech. Conical fluted feet. Newly upholstered and padded.

Height: 45 cm | Diameter: 50 cm

Single stool

This stylish Art Deco stool comes from France and was made around 1930. The piece of furniture is made of stained beech, which gives the wood a rich, warm color while emphasizing the natural grain. The conical, fluted feet of the stool underline the elegant and geometric design language of the Art Deco style.

The stool has been reupholstered and padded, which not only increases its comfort but also its visual appeal. The high-quality upholstery ensures a comfortable seat and contributes to the longevity of the piece of furniture.

With its combination of elegant materials and stylish design, this stool is a versatile and decorative element that can be used both as a functional seat and as an aesthetic accent in various interior styles. It embodies the elegance and charm of the 1930s and is a valuable addition to any sophisticated interior.

There is a matching armchair for this footstool.

A stool (via Old High German scamil, from Late Latin scamillus “little bench” to Latin scamnum “bank”) or footstool is a simple piece of seating without a backrest. The lack of armrests and a backrest distinguishes a stool from a chair. In its original sense, it is a footstool. There are versions with one, three, four or five legs.

We can offer you a matching Armchair for this stool.

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