Pair of wall lights, 1950-60

Nr. 1937 | 1.900,– Euro
Pair of wall lights
Pair of wall lights detail
Pair of wall lights glas

Pair of wall lights,
France 1950-1960,
re-electrified and
H .: 56 cm | B .: 7.5 cm
D.: 14 cm

Price: 1.900,– €

(including 19% VAT that can be claimed back)

Pair of wall lights

These wall sconces consist of a metal structure that is mounted on the wall and decorated with a number of vertical glass rods.

The glass rods are often arranged in different sizes and colors, creating a unique light refraction and reflection. The shape of the wall sconces is often geometric and can consist of squares, rectangles, or circles. The colors of the glass rods vary from pastel shades to bold colors such as red, blue, and green.

The wall sconces are typically equipped with incandescent bulbs that produce a soft illumination and break the light through the glass rods to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. The sconces can also be equipped with dimmable bulbs to adjust the brightness and vary the ambiance in the room.

This pair of 1950-1960 wall sconces are timeless design pieces that work well in both modern and traditional interiors. They are particularly suitable as decorative elements in living or bedrooms and can also be used as an addition to other Art Deco elements such as lamps or furniture.

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